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Debate – Can Property Rights Exist Without the Government? Vinny Marshall VS Kyle Wagner

Can Property Rights Exist WIthout a Government? Kyle and Vinny debate the question. We established definitions prior to the debate... Government: A central power with a...

Think Liberty Debates – Is Anarchy Compatible With Human Nature?

In this debate, Martin Meyers and Derek James face off to discuss the topic: Is Anarchy Compatible With Human Nature? Martin Meyers arguing that...

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The Think Liberty Podcast – Episode 29 – Tristan Herring and Objectivism

On this episode, Chris and Vinny are joined by special guest Tristan Herring, a young man passionate about politics and philosophy. Tristan discusses philosophy...

The Free Market: The Enemy of Racists

In a market setting, racists who arbitrarily discriminate are forced to pay for that decision. If an employer refuses to hire anyone of a...

The Think Liberty Podcast – Episode 28 – The Philosophers, Pt 2

Vinny, William, and Chris discuss the history of political philosophy, on the second part of our series covering the topic. For this episode, we...