On this episode, we discuss Aziz’s run-in with the MeToo movement, Recent Libertarian Party drama, Trump tweeting out during the women’s march, our new shirt design, government shutdown, more crypto talk, and more!

Featuring: Vinny Marshall, Caitlin Cloven, Matt Murphy, and Kevin “Shapiro” Shaw

Recorded date: 1/21/18

The shirt design mentioned in this episode

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Arvin and Facebook…again
You can see more info about the situation here.


Trump tweets during the women’s march

View the Tweet Here


Government Shutdown
CNN Article about it
Why did the government shut down?


The Article on Aziz
You can read the article here

Read more about what Tether is here. 
(There is a fair bit of controversy surrounding Tether. While it’s something that can be used strategically at an advantage, it’s important to understand the risks involved in doing so. Alternatives like BitUSD exist as well.)

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