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Losing Our Philosophy: The Benefits and Dangers of Outreach

As is often the case, infighting within the liberty movement has been prevalent in the days since the 2016 election. A cultural divide has emerged between those who have a traditionally conservative mindset and those who are more culturally liberal. Both sides have accused the other of infiltrating the Libertarian Party and the movement in general. There is a time...

Thought Crimes and Free Association, and a Warning to Progressives

After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, one University of Tampa professor took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter: Seems the weather is upset that Texas voted Trump and has decided to make an example of the state. Instead of opening a discussion on the unlikeliness of the weather having a political affiliation, or perhaps some other enlightening...

Welcome to the McNeighborhood – An Examination of Theoretical McCities

So what would it be like if McDonald's owned a McCity? Many are terrified at the idea of swapping government authority for corporate authority. That is a very valid concern, but is there any way that this can be effective and fair for residents? I think so. That is what we’ll be discussing. There will be pros and cons....

“Rent is Theft” is Theft

Rent is Theft is Theft
There has been much debate and controversy in libertarian circles recently over the concept of private property, with the ideas of rent and landlordism, in particular, being front and center. While modern-day American libertarianism has generally considered the right to do what one wishes with the rightfully-acquired private property as sacrosanct, some within the libertarian movement have been promoting...

Think Liberty TV – Walter Block – 8/25/17

Joshua sits down with Walter Block to discuss negative homesteading, the current rift among libertarians, going to college with the "pinko commie" Bernie Sanders, and the time he asked Ayn Rand to debate him.

California prepares for a weekend of protests and counter-protests in the Bay Area

Bay Area Police prepare for Protestors
The battle between the left and right rages on, and this time the venue is on the west coast. The Golden Gate Bridge is going to be the scene, as the conservative group Patriot Prayer plan to hold a “Freedom Rally” at the foot of the bridge on Saturday and what seems to be the entire city of San...

The U.S. Statutory Debt Limit (Debt Ceiling) is Set to Raise Again

Debt Ceiling
And just like that, the talk of the economy changes. For the last 6 months, there’s been a lot of talk about new jobs, stock market success, and overall market confidence. Of course, Donald Trump is happy to claim all of the credit for this economic shot in the arm we’ve been experiencing, and that’s fine. However, how will...

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires

President Trump announced Monday his plans to continue the failed war in Afganistan. This means more military spending, and no doubt the usual suspects are eager to get their hands in the cookie jar. This is crony capitalism at its worst, folks. People being deployed to Afghanistan now likely weren’t even old enough to talk when we first invaded....

Think Liberty TV – Will Coley – 8/23/17

Joshua sits down with Will Coley and talks about being Muslim in the Liberty movement, his views on nationalism, and the compatibility of Islam and Liberty

No, We Don’t Hate Roads

Those who are vocal about their belief that taxation is theft know all too well that stating our views publicly often elicits some odd responses. Often, those who don’t know better assume that we oppose goods and services that government provides that are actually beneficial. I’ve been told many a time that because I oppose taxation, I must hate...

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