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The Think Liberty Podcast – Episode 25 – The Philosophers – Part 1

On this episode, William, Chris, and Vinny discuss a bit of philosophical history. To better understand the modern philosophers, we first need to get into the ancients. Featuring: Vinny Marshall, William Gadsden, Chris Oglesby Recorded date: 4/23/18    

San Francisco’s Gold Rush – A Shining Example of Private Justice

vigilance committee
It is generally regarded that justice and security must be produced by the government with funds collected via taxation. During the gold rush in the early years of San Francisco, the inverse was actually more accurate. Not only did the government fail to provide an adequate level of safety, but public officials were commonly involved in criminal activity themselves. During...

Did North Korea Agree To Denuclearization?

North Korea
South and North Korea have opened a line of diplomatic communications between the nations’ leaders, just one among many unexpected efforts by North Korean leadership to lessen tensions on the peninsula. The two Koreas have remained in a state of an uneasy cease-fire since the end of their civil war in 1953.   Not only did Moon Jae-in and Kim...

What Is Bicycle Day? Albert Hoffman and the Complicated History of LSD

Hoffman LSD
On April 19th, 1943, a chemist working for Sandoz pharmaceuticals took an experimental drug he had synthesized 5 years earlier. 250 micrograms of a peculiar substance originally intended for use as a respiratory and cardiac stimulant, and an analeptic. Albert Hoffman's groundbreaking drug was LSD and would never be used clinically for its original intended purpose, however, it would...

The Constitutionality of War: Who Really has the Authority to Send American Troops into Harm’s Way?

Syrian Civil War
Following President Trump’s decision to lob missiles into yet another sovereign nation that hasn’t attacked us, talk has turned again to the legality of a President unilaterally deciding to use American military might around the world. In a not so stunning role reversal from similar strikes during the Obama administration, many Democrats (and even some Republicans) have come out in...

When Education Isn’t

Books and Education
Since the early origins of the state, it's rulers have always sought to ally itself with the social class of intellectuals to bolster the necessity of governmental rule through the education system. Recognizing that the masses tend to passively follow the ideas touted by the body of intellectuals who become the "opinion-molders" in society. This alliance has taken many forms...

Uber Vs. Vietnam Railways

The little image of the car on the map seemed to be sitting at the junction for a long time. What was my Uber driver doing? Did he accept my ride request and then fall asleep? Was he dropping off a crowd of drunks? Was he having a liaison in the back seat? It was plausible the app had...

Ted Cruz Asked to Prove He’s Really Human

Ted Cruz
Tuesday evening a woman identified as Tammy Talpas, approached Senator Ted Cruz and asked him to submit a DNA test to prove he was human. The exchange was broadcast on YouTube the same evening. Talpas claims that she has multiple pre-existing conditions and would be "bankrupt" or would die if she was forced into a high-risk health insurance pool. She asked,...

The Elephant in The Room: The Failures of The Government

Failures of the government
People have been pretty quick to advocate a lot of things in the wake of recent events. Surprisingly enough, the one common trend among the relevant recent events that individuals are advocating we try to avoid repeating are being completely ignored: The failures of the government.   The Texas Church Shooting What should be common knowledge by now, as it was widely...

Even in the Midst of Controversy, Latest Polls Find Half of Voters Still Approve of Trump

Donald Trump Approval Rating
President Trump started off an early day Tuesday morning taking to Twitter  to brag on his latest approval poll by conservative-leaning Rasmussen. "Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50%, which is higher than Cheatin’ Obama at the same time in his Administration," Trump tweeted. According to their latest poll, Trump is now sitting at a 50%...

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