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Filing for Moral Bankruptcy

Morally Bankrupt
Terrified children in cages. Black-clad ICE agents coldly patrolling the perimeter of the yard like medieval footmen guarding a castle. Parents weeping in fear for the safety of their flesh and blood, a sweat-drenched lot that awaits word of their ultimate fate here in the Land of the Free. Legions of tempest-tossed tired and poor, huddled in fear regarding...

The Blasphemy of Jeff Sessions and how he got Romans 13 wrong

Jeff Sessions Romans 13
Recently U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday cited the Bible to defend the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents caught illegally crossing the border: “I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose...

TL at 1: A Look Back

Think Liberty
One year ago today, Joshua Smith, Caitlin Cloven, Vinny Marshall and Lonie Dupree took a shared love of memes and libertarian politics and officially formed Think Liberty. Arising from the ashes of multiple libertarian Facebook groups, the Think Liberty Family consisted of individuals from all points across the libertarian political spectrum who were passionate and dedicated to the advancement...

The Think Liberty Podcast – Episode 31 – Rally For Our Rights

For this episode, Vinny is joined by special guests Lance, Jason, and Lesley from Rally For Our Rights. We discuss a recent policy that has gone into place in Boulder Colorado, how the locals have reacted to it, what it means for owners of firearms, and what Rally For Our Rights is doing about it. Featuring: Vinny Marshall, Lance Cayko, Lesley...

Free Speech vs. The Free Market

By now, everyone has heard about the firestorm surrounding ABC cancelling the show “Roseanne” due to an insanely stupid tweet by the show’s namesake, the ever-controversial Ms. Roseanne Barr. For anyone living under a rock/who may have missed it, Ms. Barr, in response to a previous tweet about former senior adviser to Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett, wrote that if the...

The Think Liberty Podcast – Episode 30 – Kyle Wagner and Rosey David

For this episode, Lonie and Vinny are joined by David/Rosey, and our good friend and special guest Kyle Wagner. We discuss a bit about a video that just popped up of a woman getting punched in the head by a cop on the beach, and Kyle takes some questions. Featuring: Vinny Marshall, Lonie Dupre, Rosey (or David), and Kyle Wagner. Recorded date: 5/27/18    

The Think Liberty Podcast – Episode 29 – Tristan Herring and Objectivism

On this episode, Chris and Vinny are joined by special guest Tristan Herring, a young man passionate about politics and philosophy. Tristan discusses philosophy and objectivism with us, as Vinny struggles to pronounce Ayn's name properly for literally the entire episode. Featuring: Vinny Marshall, Chris Oglesby, Tristan Herring Recorded date: 5/20/18    

The Free Market: The Enemy of Racists

In a market setting, racists who arbitrarily discriminate are forced to pay for that decision. If an employer refuses to hire anyone of a particular race or sex, they are limiting their potential pool of labor. With self-imposed diminished options to choose from, the most productive employees may be excluded, and the firm overall will be less productive than...

The Think Liberty Podcast – Episode 28 – The Philosophers, Pt 2

Vinny, William, and Chris discuss the history of political philosophy, on the second part of our series covering the topic. For this episode, we cover Thomas Paine, Emmanuel Kant, Thomas Jefferson, and more. Featuring: Vinny Marshall, Chris Oglesby, William Gadsden Recorded date: 5/13/18    

Why Ron Paul Still Matters

Ron Paul
I have a confession to make: I haven’t always been a Libertarian. While I had always considered myself a “small-l” libertarian, the truth is there was one requirement to join the Libertarian Party that, for years, I just couldn’t quite fully embrace; the Non-Aggression Principle. Now don’t get me wrong, I have never been the type to start a fight,...

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Modern Monetary Theory (MMT): Who Cares If You’re Right, When It’s All Wrong?

"Just because Warren Mosler says that the United States doesn’t have to worry about being insolvent, doesn’t mean I’m buying it. The United States has a *really* big military, and it’s for that reason fear and intimidation acts as a blanket of confidence, propping up the value of the United States dollar."

Meme Crimes: The Rise and Fall of Article 13

The form of comedy that showcases the modern mindset. A meme, much like other forms of comedy, comes in many variations. Memes can make...