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A voluntarist hailing from america's heartland, army veteran, coffee snob, and humorist. Chris' philosophy was influenced by the works of Frédéric Bastiat, David Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Murray Rothbard, and Jesus Christ.

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libertarian party

Why The Libertarian Party Doesn’t Matter

A question frequently asked in libertarian circles is "what is the best way to advance liberty?"  Some claim that the Libertarian Party is the...

Steel Economics: You Don’t Want Everything Made In The USA

I continue to see a lot of people all over the internet say that we need to "bring these jobs back from China, and...

A Letter to Hollywood from a Georgian

First off, congratulations on all your success Hollywood. Monetary, finally letting out some of the old skeletons, inclusion, all of it deserves a sincere...