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Think Crypto TA/FA: Stratis (STRAT), Aragon (ANT), and Tron (TRX)

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Think Crypto: The history of Cryptocurrency’s Bloody January. A Bearish start to Q1 is...

With all things, perspective key. So, before we even get started here I do want to point out exactly where we’re at as far...

Top 5 Alternative Crypto Currencies for New Investors – 2018

Crypto currency is on everyone’s mind lately, and libertarians have long been on the forefront of this growing movement. We saw the potential for...

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The Economics of Chinese Influence

Recently there have been a number of controversies in the business sector regarding Chinese influence on US corporations. Though the Chinese influence on markets...

Copland, the Libertarian

"Later in Copland’s life, he shifted from communism to liberalism. For minimalizing oppression from the common man, he was getting warmer, but he could have shifted even further toward even less oppression."

What They Still Get Wrong About Communism

"Communism and socialism require a massive state with coercion to achieve it's ideal of the state "withering away", but it is inconvenient for modern leftists to acknowledge that their ideas initially need to be forced to be implemented… and even when that happens, they miserably fail."