Bernier Announces New Party; The People’s Party

Earlier today at a press conference in Ottawa, Maxime Bernier finally announced the name of his newly minted party that will be running for...

Thought Police, Chequing Yourself, and More Posturing On Syria

War Drums a’Beating Again. Thanks to Peter Hitchens again for bringing such an important matter to attention: as tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran escalate, the UK...

India’s LGBT Community Lands A Major Win!

In a landmark move for freedom and individual rights, India’s Supreme Court has recently overturned nearly 150 years’ worth of anti-LGBT legislature by ruling to decriminalize gay sex.

Kaepernick And Nike’s Bold Move: A Libertarian Review

#justdoit or #justburnit seem to be the questions of the day with Nike making the decision to put Colin Kaepernick front and center of their campaign. Let us know your thoughts below!

Good news for Liberty from Canada!?

Something pretty cool is happening up here in the frozen tundra that is Canada.   No, Justin Trudeau wasn’t impeached. We don’t do that here....

China Abuses Human Rights Against Muslims

In the northwest part of China sits the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, an area that borders Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Happening inside the region, not...

Primary Election Review: Governor, Senate, & House Seats

Florida Governor Many Republicans ran to succeed Governor Rick Scott, who is running against Bill Nelson for Senate, but the main two were Agriculture Commissioner...

Orrin Hatch: The Devil Of IP Law – Bill S. 2823

Orrin Hatch's Bill S.2823 will screw you and most of the media you love. This combined with other Bills in play can only lead to disaster.

Donald Breaking Down Over Cohen Trial: Possible Impeachment & Reaction

Donald Trump went on the defensive recently over the conviction of two of his former associates. While Trump was quick to defend...

Canada Gets It Right: Cannabis Legalization Coming Soon

Earlier this year Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada announced that his government would be passing The Cannabis Act otherwise known as Bill C-45....

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