Race Is On! USA Midterm Election Review

Let’s take a look at the key Senate races. I break down each race and predict a winner, and I’ll tell you the best...

Orrin Hatch: The Devil Of IP Law – Bill S. 2823

Orrin Hatch's Bill S.2823 will screw you and most of the media you love. This combined with other Bills in play can only lead to disaster.

Protest Leads To Roundhouse Kick?!?

On October 2nd in Toronto, Ontario the annual event "Life Chain" was held. This event is a pro-life protest event that happens across the...

Britain Can’t Dodge EU Copyright, Brexit Wrangling, And Soviet Foul Play

Can Britain keep the memes? Internet trolls in Britain will have to hold their breath longer as it appears the EU’s copyright directive, Articles 11...

Trump Pulls Troops, Government Shuts Down Over Wall

"Whoever is directing this season of U.S. politics really needs to work on their pacing. After a few slow weeks in a row, this year is coming to an exciting end. Trump insists on a wall, actually brings home troops, and finally gets his military parade… right out of his administration. This is the last week in review."
Europe Defenseless

Europe Defenseless? Trump’s Move to Pull Troops

"While it will unquestionably change the dynamic between American and European countries, it very well could be for the better. After all, what benefit does the American military, much less the American public, receive from keeping troops stationed across the European continent?"

Human Rights Lawyer Jailed, Attack In Afganistan, & IP Law Woes

"In Afghanistan, there’s an attack on a government building in Kabul so far with 47 confirmed killed. In China, there’s a new bid for a law on intellectual property amidst the trade war with the US and there’s a human rights lawyer who was on trial the day after Christmas."
stan lee

The Superhero Of Creativity: Stan Lee Has Died

I need to preface this by saying that usually, a celebrity death is just a piece of entertainment news. A small but interesting kernel...

Social Media Tax in Uganda?

In a shocking display of an acute lack of self-awareness, and or being completely out of touch with the modern day, the government of...

Country Votes, Recounts, A Shooting, & A Fire

This week was packed full, thanks mostly to the country wide midterm elections, so let’s dive right in. Midterms Democrats won the House, but it was...

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Malaysia Goes Nationalistic, & Cotton On The Moon

"The news this week is quite spicy compared to other weeks as we’re looking at two things involving China and the passage of a nationalistic law in Malaysia." This week's is a good one!
lock your door

Bad Arguments Vol. 30 – “Don’t You Lock Your Door?”

"In my personal opinion, there have been valid and consideration-worthy arguments from both sides...Both sides have their talking points, each of which carries its own weight. The “lock your door” argument is not among them."

Ridesharing Restricted, Canadian To Be Killed, & Shelter Shutdown

Welcome back to the Canadian News Roundup where each week we look at major news from across the Great White North. This week: A...