The No Tact Zone: An Onslaught of Toxic Trump Tweets.

Communication is important. The ability to communicate with other individuals to negotiate, compromise, express our feelings, preferences, and likes and dislikes, is the most...
Inauguration Protest

6,000 Anti-Government Activists Under DOJ Investigation

The federal government issued warrants against three high-profile political activists on Thursday, hoping to access the personal records of roughly 6000 anti-government advocates. The...

Brains Over Bombs: Why Cooler Heads Must Prevail on North Korea

COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON With North Korea ramping up the doomsday rhetoric over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed my libertarian friends proposing some very un-libertarian...
Elect Joshua Smith Main

Joshua Smith-Intent To Run for LNC Chairman

Becoming the Chair of the National Libertarian Party is no small feat. It includes giving up large amounts of time, money, and other resources...

Thought Crimes and Free Association, and a Warning to Progressives

After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, one University of Tampa professor took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter: Seems the weather is...
Bay Area Police prepare for Protestors, while the state exists

California prepares for a weekend of protests and counter-protests in the Bay Area

The battle between the left and right rages on, and this time the venue is on the west coast. The Golden Gate Bridge is...
Debt Ceiling

The U.S. Statutory Debt Limit (Debt Ceiling) is Set to Raise Again

And just like that, the talk of the economy changes. For the last 6 months, there’s been a lot of talk about new jobs,...

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires

President Trump announced Monday his plans to continue the failed war in Afganistan. This means more military spending, and no doubt the usual suspects...
Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus

Why I’m going to be spending a lot of time on

Bannon is out, and while I have mixed feelings on the matter, one thing is for certain: I’m going to be keeping a close...

PRESS RELEASE – Jesse Fullington for Tennessee

For Immediate Release August 14th, 2017 Libertarian Candidate Jesse Fullington Travels Over 100 Miles to Support Party This Saturday, August 19th, from 12-5, the Libertarian Party of...

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Laws Are Supposed to Serve Us

"In principle, new laws are passed, upheld, and enforced to protect us and our inalienable rights. Violation of these laws have consequences and the fear of the consequences are meant to deter us from said violations."

Why the Left Can’t Meme

"Memes are a new addition to comedy as a whole and are largely a rebuke of the rise of PC. They carry the same basics of age-old joke telling, wherein there’s a premise, set up, and punchline."

Congress Should Resign

"We don’t need a war to cause revolution, just for Congress to do the right, logical, simple, inexpensive, and patriotic thing in resigning for the good of the country."