President Trump's Weekly Address

His Majesty’s Media Presents: President Donald Trump’s Weekly Address – 6/23/17

This week, in his Majesty’s Weekly Address, the President spoke to his fellow Americans about healthcare. He told us of the “millions of families...

Otto Warmbier and the Cult of the Law

Shortly before I sat down and began writing this piece, I heard the news that Otto Warmbier had passed away. Warmbier, for anyone who’s...

Russia warns of engaging U.S. led forces in Syria

The facts: The Russian defense ministry has issued an official warning to U.S. led coalition forces in Syria. The warning, issued this morning states, "Any...

SCOTUS to hear Wisconsin gerrymandering case

The facts: The Supreme court decided to hear the Wisconsin case of Gill v. Whitford next term. The case pertains to claims that in 2011...

Supreme Court removes 71 year old law blocking offensive trademarks

We’re not exactly quick to praise the government, but this article caught my eye, and I’m going to call it a win. The Supreme...

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Don’t Like It? Leave!

President Trump recently found himself in hot water for making the suggestion that several congresswomen should “go back” to the countries they came from...
social contract

Consent or Perish! The Social Contract Issue

"There are three primary forms of consent: implied, verbal, and written. Social contract theory relies on the former of the three forms to function."

Who Can Defeat Trump? It’s Not the Democrats.

"Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain: if you found entertainment value in the 2016 election, 2020 is sure to be a blockbuster."