Otto Warmbier and the Cult of the Law

Shortly before I sat down and began writing this piece, I heard the news that Otto Warmbier had passed away. Warmbier, for anyone who’s...

Russia warns of engaging U.S. led forces in Syria

The facts: The Russian defense ministry has issued an official warning to U.S. led coalition forces in Syria. The warning, issued this morning states, "Any...

SCOTUS to hear Wisconsin gerrymandering case

The facts: The Supreme court decided to hear the Wisconsin case of Gill v. Whitford next term. The case pertains to claims that in 2011...

Supreme Court removes 71 year old law blocking offensive trademarks

We’re not exactly quick to praise the government, but this article caught my eye, and I’m going to call it a win. The Supreme...

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NBA Draft Lottery: Winners and Losers

The NBA draft lottery was held on May 14, a precursor to what is expected to be one of the wildest offseasons in league...
Think Lifestyle, Think Liberty, Think Sports

Major Announcement: Think Liberty Launches Think Sports!

Hello one and all! Starting today Think Liberty is officially launching Think Sports! This is a part of our Think Lifestyle collection of content we will and have been hosting on our website for the past little while.

Lessons From the Anti-Federalists

"While the Anti-Federalists may have ultimately lost the fight to the pro-Constitution Federalists, their impact on American political history and the structure of the United States government should not be overlooked."