North Korea

Did North Korea Agree To Denuclearization?

South and North Korea have opened a line of diplomatic communications between the nations’ leaders, just one among many unexpected efforts by North Korean...
Jeff Sessions Romans 13

The Blasphemy of Jeff Sessions and how he got Romans 13 wrong

Recently U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday cited the Bible to defend the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents caught...

North Korea, Trump, and the Future of Diplomacy

Well, the mad man did it again. No, not Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea. Donald Trump, the President of the United States,...

His Majesty’s Media Presents: President Donald Trump’s Weekly Address – 6/30/17

This week, in his Majesty’s Weekly Address, the President spoke to his fellow Americans about immigration. Oh fun, border talk. Trump opens his address...

PRESS RELEASE – Jesse Fullington for Tennessee

For Immediate Release August 14th, 2017 Libertarian Candidate Jesse Fullington Travels Over 100 Miles to Support Party This Saturday, August 19th, from 12-5, the Libertarian Party of...
Canada Refugees

Canadian Response To U.S. Refugees

Immigration policy has been a hot topic lately. Our President insists Mexico will fund his border project, despite much evidence to the contrary. With...

Otto Warmbier and the Cult of the Law

Shortly before I sat down and began writing this piece, I heard the news that Otto Warmbier had passed away. Warmbier, for anyone who’s...

Venezuela has had a real shit week

On the 1st Venezuela held its widely publicized Constitutional Assembly election. There is a large speculation of fraud, as there were 3.7MM votes in...

The Las Vegas Shooting: The timeline has just changed, this changes everything.

Tuesday there was a report released by the LVMPD that changes the details surrounding the situation in the Las Vegas shooting quite a bit. If...

Quality Over Quantity – Why Not Both? A Response to The Jack News

So the problem isn’t that we don’t run enough candidates, it’s that we run too many. Or at least that’s the case according to an...

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The 2A is Not as Comprehensive as Some Would Like

"Ultimately, Heller recognized and confirmed that the 2A protects an individual right and not a collective right. That is not to say the 2A exists for the individual per se, but for its reference to militias to be valid, it must pertain to the individual."

Freedom Is Not Ability, And It Never Was

"The idea of economic freedom as is used by progressives is a bastardization of the term and one that attempts to conflate abilities and positive rights with negative ones."

A Letter to Oakland from Libertarians

"The Libertarian Party supports first-step solutions to failed policies of the past. The more than 50-year "war on drugs" must now be ended and admitted to being an abject failure to personal liberty..."