Australian NFA

Analyzing Australia’s NFA: Not so fast, liberals

A brief word on the Las Vegas incident as it pertains to firearm regulation. In the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy, it seems evident...

Brains Over Bombs: Why Cooler Heads Must Prevail on North Korea

COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON With North Korea ramping up the doomsday rhetoric over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed my libertarian friends proposing some very un-libertarian...
Free Speech (1)

Let the People Speak

The first step in political maturity is the understanding that not everybody who disagrees with you is motivated by malice. A lot of people...

A Ron Swansong: Steak, Liberty, and The Great Outdoors

Ron Swanson, the epitome of the classic American outdoorsman. Stoic, frank, independent, and simple. His love for breakfast dishes, steak, whiskey, and the opposite...

Losing Our Philosophy: The Benefits and Dangers of Outreach

As is often the case, infighting within the liberty movement has been prevalent in the days since the 2016 election. A cultural divide has...

Welcome to the McNeighborhood – An Examination of Theoretical McCities

So what would it be like if McDonald's owned a McCity? Many are terrified at the idea of swapping government authority for corporate authority....
Rent is Theft is Theft

“Rent is Theft” is Theft

There has been much debate and controversy in libertarian circles recently over the concept of private property, with the ideas of rent and landlordism,...

No, We Don’t Hate Roads

Those who are vocal about their belief that taxation is theft know all too well that stating our views publicly often elicits some odd...
Are we ready for Freedom of Association?

Are we ready for freedom of association?

No, this isn’t an embrace of state intervention. I’m only asking if abolishing anti-discrimination laws is something we can do anytime soon. Both libertarians...
Canada Refugees

Canadian Response To U.S. Refugees

Immigration policy has been a hot topic lately. Our President insists Mexico will fund his border project, despite much evidence to the contrary. With...

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Don’t Like It? Leave!

President Trump recently found himself in hot water for making the suggestion that several congresswomen should “go back” to the countries they came from...
social contract

Consent or Perish! The Social Contract Issue

"There are three primary forms of consent: implied, verbal, and written. Social contract theory relies on the former of the three forms to function."

Who Can Defeat Trump? It’s Not the Democrats.

"Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain: if you found entertainment value in the 2016 election, 2020 is sure to be a blockbuster."