Black Friday

Black Friday: The Best & Worst Of Capitalism

"Almost every year there are cases of fights, stabbings, shootings, tramplings, and just pure, violent mayhem that comes along with these deals. People line up well before the crack of dawn to be the first to get their hands on the hot-ticket items of the year. Black Friday has been called the best example of the worst of capitalism due to what it brings out in people all in the name of crass consumerism for deals that businesses could really do more often. "

TSA Has Outlived What Little Purpose It Had

With the holiday season upon us, air travel is quickly ramping up as millions of Americans begin to move about the country to visit...

How Bad Is May’s Brexit Deal? Very

Over 21 Members of Parliament have submitted letters of no-confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May’s leadership after submitting a Brexit deal plan that pleases...

How Digital Photography Undermines Copyright Laws

When one peeks through history to see the development (photography pun) of photos from a delicacy that few could afford to the endless onslaught...
hungry leopard political divide

Hungry Leopards: The Political Divide As A Feature

With the ever-increasing polarization in the United States and Europe, it seems that many are starting to wonder if this is just an inevitable...
personal responsibility

Personal Responsibility: The Need of Purpose

Is a lack of personal responsibility the root of ills plaguing society? According to a google search, the definition of responsibility is “1) the state...
pledge of allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance: An Unpopular Opinion

If you attended school in the United States, either public or private, between Pre-K and Twelfth Grade, you are most likely familiar with the...
V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta, and the Politics of Obedience

The biggest mistake of V for Vendetta, the Alan Moore graphic novel adaptation from 2005, is that it depicts a too easy-to-hate totalitarian state....
individual right

Individual Right vs. Big Government

Tristan Barker Progressive or conservative; what matters is the individual. To be libertarian means to support the individual rights of every person, no matter who...

Winning Races: Where We Go From Here

Make no mistake, the Midterms were a brutal day for the Libertarian Party at the polls. Incumbent state legislators who recently switched to the LP...

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Police Face Criminal Prosecution For Death Of Homeowners

We had quite the week this week. An actor caught lying, Bill Weld defected (or returned home depending on your views), a national emergency...
libertarian, libertarians, NAP, history, responsibility, collectivism

10 Things Libertarians Need To Change Part 7: Stop Excusing Collectivism

The libertarian movement and the Civil Rights Act are contentious bedfellows and the spark of much controversy. Rand Paul’s admitting in 2010 of being...

NFL & Kaepernick Reach Settlement Ending The Saga

The NFL and Colin Kaepernick reached a legal settlement on Feb. 15, likely bringing an end to the NFL’s kneeling saga. Kaepernick, the former...