Pornhub and Domino’s? When Porn, Pizza, and Asphalt Collide

When one thinks of porn and pizza delivery boys, what might come to mind is plowing and filling, but if you’re like me, infrastructure!...

Satan Humbled By Christian Bale’s Flattering Award Ceremony Speech

Well, yet another celebrity award ceremony has come and gone. But the 2019 Golden Globes award ceremony, best known for being recognized...

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Copland, the Libertarian

"Later in Copland’s life, he shifted from communism to liberalism. For minimalizing oppression from the common man, he was getting warmer, but he could have shifted even further toward even less oppression."

What They Still Get Wrong About Communism

"Communism and socialism require a massive state with coercion to achieve it's ideal of the state "withering away", but it is inconvenient for modern leftists to acknowledge that their ideas initially need to be forced to be implemented… and even when that happens, they miserably fail."

Trudeau is Proof the Other Guy Shouldn’t Matter

"The constant decline we see with the quality of politicians is, ultimately, the fault of those that defend them."