Think Liberty and the Being Libertarian LLC family of publications accepts article contributions from the public. These contributions will be posted under a guest author account on the appropriate publication’s website if the Editorial Board is satisfied that it qualifies under the requirements of this guideline. The form to submit an article is at the bottom of this page.

The Being Libertarian family of of publications consists of Being LibertarianRational Standardand Think LibertyAny content posted on one of these publications will be shared with Being Libertarian’s full social media audience, across all three platforms. See below for what types of articles appear on the respective publications.

Article requirements

  • Only in .docx or .doc format.
  • Minimum 500 wordsNot too long either!
  • Understandable English.
  • Taken as a whole, the article must have a distinctive and clear libertarian tone.
  • Authors must suggest a featured image with a link to its original web location. These images must either no longer be subject to copyright protection, or the author must be the owner thereof.
  • A short two-sentence biography of the author must be included at the end of the article as well as in the submission form below. Even if you have contributed to BL before, if there is no bio included in the submission, your article will appear without a bio.
  • Links and sources must be hyperlinked if possible, and not in a bibliographical form.
  • The article must be new and its posting at must be exclusive. If you wish the article to be published elsewhere, permission must be sought from the Editor in Chief or the Managing Editor of the appropriate publication. Articles destined for and need not necessarily be exclusive, but this is subject to approval from the Managing Editor of that publication.
  • If the article is timely, the author must include the tag “TIMELY:” in the “Your article headline” section of the submission form below. An article is only timely if it will lose most of its relevance if it is delayed for an extended period of time. Abusing the timely tag will result in a ban of guest contributing!

By submitting an article, you agree to the following

  • These provisions may be changed at any time, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are up-to-date.
  • The article will be for the exclusive use of Being Libertarian LLC, and that permission must be sought from the Editor in Chief or Managing Editor to publish elsewhere.
  • Any article submitted may be edited without consultation – it is thus imperative that any message or idea you hope to convey be stated clearly and in understandable English.
  • No payment will be rendered by Being Libertarian LLC for any public contribution.
  • Authors must provide their real first and last names as well as their real email addresses in the submission form below. If they so desire, they may indicate in the field “A brief description about yourself” that they wish to have their identity kept anonymous from the public.

Be aware

  • Submitted articles will not necessarily be published immediately. Non-timely articles can take up to two or more months to be published, due to the quantity of contributions.
  • Authors will be informed via email of the tentative date of their article’s publication. This will usually be the day before or the day of publication. Be patient.
  • We recommend that articles should be between 500 to 1,000 words in length. The longer an article, the longer it will take to be edited, and therefore, the further down the priority list of posting will it be moved.
  • By contributing well-written guest articles on an active basis, the author’s chances of being invited as a permanent author for Being Libertarian is greatly increased. Being invited as a permanent author does not yet mean the author will become entitled to payment, although permanent authors are likelier than guests to receive remuneration of some kind should that become possible.
  • is an international libertarian platform: contributions from anywhere in the world, on topics relevant to any context, will be considered if they adhere to the article requirements specified above. Articles need therefore not necessarily be related to the American context.

Think Liberty, Rational Standard, or Being Libertarian?

  • If your article is about anything related primarily to the African continent, it will be published on
  • If your article is about anything related primarily to libertarian activism, messaging, lifestyle, or popular culture (including reviews), it will be published on
  • If your article is about anything that does not fit into the above two categories, it will be published on
  • Regardless of where your article was published, it will be shared with Being Libertarian LLC’s full audience, across the Being Libertarian, Think Liberty, and Rational Standard social media presence.


For more information about editorial policy or process, please email [email protected]