Think Crypto TA/FA: Stratis (STRAT), Aragon (ANT), and Tron (TRX)


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Think Crypto - Aragon Chart Analysis
Technical Analysis by Cody Godley

Cap Ticker Tag: ANT
Market Cap Rank: 158
Current Price (as of 1-22-18): $4.32

In trying to better understand this market in its entirety, I try to learn as much as I can about as many of these cryptocurrencies that I can. I never feel comfortable investing in something that I know nothing about. In looking through the CoinMarketCap list I stumbled across Aragon, so I cracked open their website and did my best to figure out what was going on.

The first thing you see when you land on their website (which is very nice, by the way) is a large headline “Unstoppable organizations.” As you scroll down you quickly see that the goal of Aragon is to “Democratize Governance.” As the website states: “We are building Aragon because we believe decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems.” Aragon organizations are powered by the Ethereum blockchain, but the part that stood out to me the most was the last bit at the bottom of their homepage: “A digital jurisdiction.”

From their website:

“The Aragon Network will be the first community governed decentralized organization whose goal is to act as a digital jurisdiction, an online decentralized court system that isn’t bound by traditional artificial barriers such as national jurisdictions or the borders of a single country.

Aragon organizations can be upgraded seamlessly using our AragonOS architecture. They can solve disputes between two parties by using the decentralized court system, a digital jurisdiction that operates only online and utilizes your peers to resolve issues

The Aragon Network Token, ANT, puts the power into the hands of the people participating in the operation of the Network. Every single aspect of the Network will be governed by those willing to make an effort for a better future.”

Aragon already exists as a product, and multiple different cryptocurrencies actually use it to manage their organizations. There are many other factors of the Aragon platform that can’t be done proper justice in a brief write up, if you’re interested I suggest you head over to their website to learn more. Also, this video does a great job of explaining what Aragon is trying to accomplish.

According to the Aragon Development Plan the release of the main network will happen this month (January,) and they anticipate the court system to be released in March this year (2018.)




Think Crypto - Stratis Chart Analysis
Technical Analysis by Cody Godley

Cap Tag: STRAT
Market Cap Rank: 28
Current Price (as of 1-23-18): $12.53

Stratis is a BaaS platform (Blockchain as a service.) What makes Stratis unique, is that it is a blockchain that exists within the C# .net Microsoft framework. Many of these currencies pride themselves on being able to work for corporations, and Stratis has really done something different in an attempt to solidify themselves in that space.

From their website:

“Stratis is not a coin but a platform. We all know that bitcoin and the blockchain is going to impact the world in fundamental ways. The very success of bitcoin to-date has fostered a conservative approach to development, leaving room for a small army of visionaries to poke and prod with ideas good and bad in the alt coin space. We are in a golden age of early innovation and yet it is still a geek-fest. We are in the days of punch cards and green screen terminals. To fulfil its destiny, bitcoin and its sisters need designers, business people, financiers and the ingenuity of tens of thousands of non-crypto coders to humanize the space. Like it or not, we need to find our Steve Jobs, our Bill Gates and (if we’re really lucky) our Elon Musk and Jimmy Wales. Without our specialized coders, we would be nowhere but now is the time to lend them a hand – to attract experts from beyond the narrow walls of the cryptoverse – not in their hundreds but in their thousands.”

By developing their blockchain in C#, they can eliminate many barriers to entry that any other BaaS providers are faced with. In using a .net framework Stratis can go to companies and ask them what they would like the blockchain to do for them. They can then hand off their API to the developers of the corporation they’re working with and it will plug right into their already existing .net framework application. Many of the largest companies and corporations are using the .net Microsoft framework, so this gives Stratis a marked advantage in market approach.

The development of the platform really seemed to have ramped up in Q4. A full node, masternode, privacy protocol main net, and the identity verification portion of their platform has all been released in alpha or beta versions. Their roadmap is impressive, including smart contracts, the Stratis Academy, and side-chains that all seek to bolster and improve the Stratis platform.

And according to their blog, as of 1/17/18 they have announced a partnership deal with Silicon Valley software company Gluon. Read more about this update here.




Think Crypto - Tron Chart Analysis
Technical Analysis by Cody Godley

Cap Tag: TRX
Market Cap Rank: 14
Current Price (as of 1-23-18): $0.06

Oh, Tron. You are such a curious cryptocurrency. From a tech standpoint, Tron is pretty hard to put your finger on. Up until recently Tron’s website was primarily in Chinese, and loosely translated. It was confusing, and a lot of the content was just popular industry buzzwords that you’d see pop up on other blockchain technology ICO landing pages. Decentralized, ecosystems, blockchains, tokens, etc. The website has been updated since then and is much more focused, and easier to understand. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that it seems the initial Tron whitepaper is actually a copy of other whitepapers from different cryptocurrencies.

Think Crypto - Tron Roadmap
Roadmap from the old Tron website

The original Tron website had some interesting information on it. The initial roadmap was projected all the way out to 2025, and success dates were explained as Sci-Fi television shows, or broad “tech sounding” names. The “Star Trek” phase, the “Apollo” phase, etc. All of this is well and good I believe, but the challenge thus far for me with this cryptocurrency was trying to figure out exactly how it intends to go about achieving the goals that are stated through their media. If we’re going to compare it to a cryptocurrency that lays this out in a very obvious manner, we can look to Dragonchain. By looking at their website, whitepaper, and roadmap, one is given a clear understanding of what this organization is meant to do, when it’s meant to do it, and how it plans to get what’s stated done. Even with an updated website, such details are hard to come by when trying to educate one’s self on Tron.

To date, Tron has no tangible tech to speak of. The “Trajectory” according to their website has mostly been fundraising and team building. There is a goal of introducing the Tron network having a testnet and main net launch in Q1 of 2018. When I had mentioned that the price of Tron seemed to live or die on the twitter account of Tron leader Justin Sun. He is nothing short of a marketing superpower and is in my opinion responsible for all of the success experienced thus far by Tron. Some individuals feel confident about the team Justin Sun has put together and surrounded himself by, while others have concerns about the fact that the team has yet to produce any tangible tech. At the beginning of 2018 we have some time left until Q1 comes to a close, and we find out if Tron can deliver on its stated trajectory.

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