What Really Happened at the Lincoln Memorial?

lincoln memorial

The woke mob is out for blood once again it seems as Buzzfeed has had a real weekend at the races. First, they shared information about the Meuller investigation that was apparently a slam dunk with hard evidence against the Trump administration. A report that was later disputed by Mueller’s team as being inaccurate. As most saw yesterday on social media, Buzzfeed apparently had another hot story, when they published this piece describing how a group of MAGA hat wearing teens taunted and harassed a native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial.

When first going over information for this, there was a surge of people that were sharing a video that showed the native American elder actually walk up to the kids first, Twitter users were quick to rebut that the kids actually first started attacking a group of Black Lives Matter activists, and the native American elder walked between them to try and diffuse the situation.

Others said the video was too short and didn’t offer enough perspective on what really happened.

Meanwhile, slowly we started to see information from the kids on their side of the story.

Adam Clements shared a statement from a student on Twitter, that outlines this side, the student claims that they were told to be where they were standing by the school, as it was where they needed to wait for the bus to pick them up (as they had just attended the March for Life Rally).

Other videos taken show statements made by the instigating group, specifically a man named Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan, who claims to be a member of the group “Guardians of the 12 Shields of Yashar’ahia” throwing rhetoric at the students, as they sit and largely just offer light commentary. (Sorry for the sideways video)

They continue, as the students defend homosexuals while Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan kept on with the same rhetoric.

As soon as the bus arrived, the students left.

There is also a full unedited video of the situation as it unfolded that was actually initially posted by Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan himself, which he promptly deleted. There has, however, been a mirror of the video that is hosted here:

Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan and his group first started by actually attacking the native Americans for their march, asking them why exactly they are celebrating, and mocking them. Around the 50 second mark, you see members from the native American march trying to calmly speak to the small group, and the situation escalates after Shar continues to tell the native Americans that the lord actually took away their land for worshipping buffalos and eagles.

At no point in any of the videos shared by everyone can I find any chanting of “Build a wall.” The kids are called klansmen, school shooters, crackers, and the like. It does seem evident that after sitting and getting yelled at for good while, the kids did, in fact, start chanting what seems to be school songs.

All of this evidence existing, however, hasn’t stopped the rhetoric from those quick to condemn anyone wearing a MAGA hat as literally Hitler. Many statements still being published claim “well, it’s different than the media portrayed it, but they shouldn’t have acted that way.” Acted what way? These are high school kids, and given the situation, they actually remained pretty tame the entire time. The worst they did was chant their school song. They were waiting where they were told to wait, being yelled at by Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan and his ground, and were then approach by a native American elder who essentially walked in the middle of them (after the native American march was over) putting his drum in people’s faces, for a reason I am unable to understand at this point. No one was chanting about a wall from what I can hear, and no one seems to be harassing or attacking the elder.

What’s worse is now people are on a hunt for blood. There are pictures being shared taken from the high school’s now-deleted Facebook page of a teenager who isn’t even the teenager in the video, claiming that it is the teenager in the video – his name has been getting passed around the internet with the mob ready destroy his life, and it isn’t even the same individual from the situation.

Ana Navarro, and many others, have taken to Twitter to rail against the kids in the video:

Steve Horwitz made sure to go out of his way to let everyone know how much he wants to punch teenagers, so that’s fun.

Here’s another classy take

It is, however, easy to understand why so many are angry toward the kids as they are when we are seeing articles from major media outlets like these





You can read more from Vinny Marshall on Think Liberty here.



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