4 Times Mass Shootings Were Stopped: With Guns!?

    Mass Shootings

    Yesterday a mass shooting occurred during a Madden 19 Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. As of writing this, the reports say that 11 people were shot, and 4 were killed. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is going to result in cries from the left for stronger gun control laws in the US.

    In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, I wrote an article about the 4 most common misconceptions that people who are against private gun ownership tend to have, over at The Post Millennial. I wanted to do something a little different this time.

    I wanted to show actual examples of mass shooters and potential mass shooters being stopped in their tracks by good people with guns, instead of making the same old arguments over and over. I’m not counting shootings that were stopped by on duty police officers (even though they stop murders with guns pretty frequently) and I wanted to focus on mass shootings or potential mass shootings given that those situations are most commonly used to try and push gun control.

    There are plenty of other stories of civilians with a gun license saving the day. I chose to stick with just 4. The media rarely covers stories like these for any real amount of time, but much more just like these exist.

    Here are just 4 real life examples of evil people getting exactly what they deserve thanks to your friendly neighborhood gun owners.

    Note: I resent using the names of the shooters given that I have previously refused to in other articles, but I’m making an exception in this case to avoid confusion.


    1. Uber Driver Saves Group Of Strangers

      In April of 2015, an Uber driver by the name of John Hendricks was taking a break after dropping off one of his fares in his home city of Chicago. When 22-year-old Everardo Custodio decided to open fire at a group of pedestrians around Hendricks’ car. Hendricks proceeded to return fire on Custodio with his Springfield Armory .45 hitting him three times in the shin, thigh and lower back. No one else was injured in the exchange, and after a trip to the hospital for his troubles, Custodio was charged.

      2. Church Lady Goes Old Testament

      On an early Sunday morning in December of 2015, Matthew John Murray shot and killed two members of a Christian Youth Organization in Colorado. That was just the beginning of his killing spree.

      At around noon of the same day, Murray shot and killed two churchgoers in the parking lot of the New Life Church while they were leaving the morning service. As Murray, who was later found with over 1000 rounds of ammunition, entered the church he was met by former police officer and church member Jeanne Assam.

      Assam, who had volunteered to act as security after the first shooting, used her handgun to shoot the attacker ten times before he eventually killed himself. Although Assam swears to this day that the fatal shot was taken by her and not Murray, there’s no disputing the fact that if she hadn’t been there the number of victims would have been much worse.

      3. Mechanics With Guns

      The day after Thanksgiving of last year 911 received three phone calls alerting them to the fact that there was an active shooter on the premises of Schlenker Automotive Repair.

      Robert Lorenzo Bailey Jr. walked up to the Florida auto shop and began firing. The first Schlenker employee to enter the parking lot was 25-year old David Andres Cordero who was shot twice and as a result, was left paralyzed.

      Upon hearing the initial shots ring out, a second employee made his way to the parking lot where he was shot ten times and was pronounced dead at the scene.

      Don Smith and Nathan Taylor, two other employees who both had concealed carry permits, decided enough was enough. One of the men decided to confront Bailey with his .380 Semiautomatic Ruger in the parking lot. He fired two shots before retreating back into the store. Bailey returned fire and followed him in. Once all three men were inside either Smith or Taylor shot Bailey twice, subduing him until police arrived. “If not for the brave, quick thinking of the employees at Schlenker, this could have been a lot worse,” said police chief Joseph La Sata.

      4. Doctor Gives Gunman Taste of His Own Medicine

      In July of 2014, Richard Plotts decided to bring a loaded revolver and 39 bullets to an appointment with his caseworker and psychiatrist at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital.

      Not only was the hospital a gun free zone but Plotts was also a convicted felon, which means that he was prohibited from owning a firearm. Plotts began shouting during his meeting with his caseworker and his psychiatrist Dr Lee Silverman.

      This prompted Plotts to pull out his gun and begin threatening the pair. When another staff member of Mercy Fitzgerald came in to see what the fuss was about Plotts shot his caseworker twice in the head.

      That’s when Dr Silverman crouched behind his desk and pulled out his own .32-caliber handgun. A firefight ensued which resulted in Dr Silverman being grazed in the temple.

    Plotts was shot twice in the torso and once in the arm. The fighting spilt out into the hallway and with Plotts now incapacitated, two more hospital staffers were able to wrestle his gun away from him. With Plotts’ mental health in question, as well as the fact he had another 39 bullets on his person it’s a miracle that the shooting was contained given the fact that just outside the doors there were plenty of potential victims.

    If there’s anyone who is for harsher gun laws reading this, remember that no one on either side of the debate wants to see another mass shooting. Especially when it involves kids.

    Pro-Second Amendment advocates aren’t evil people. Ultimately we want the same things you do. We want our friends and families to be safe. We just have different opinions on how to achieve it.

    You can read more by Everett Shapcott on Think Liberty here.



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