A Letter to Oakland from Libertarians


On behalf of the Libertarian Party of Alameda County (LPAC), I applaud the efforts of Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee’s upcoming May 28th meeting regarding the resolution to “decriminalize nature,” that moves to reform laws banning entheogenic plants. The Libertarian Party supports first-step solutions to failed policies of the past. The more than 50-year “war on drugs” must now be ended and admitted to being an abject failure to personal liberty and mass incarcerations over government prohibitions pertaining to plant possession that has destroyed families and futures of countless Americans.

I was born in 1970 and taught “drugs are bad” as a mantra and a controlled condition response to drugs. I, along with millions of other school children over the decades, was indoctrinated with false propaganda in the form of awareness classes in school to combat certain drugs. In time, I began to question the fear associated with these prohibited substances and the consequences and purpose of prohibition. It’s a lobbyist-controlled, crony system of approval when you have the money to ingest certain substances. In the case of pharmaceutical companies, they are more than happy to sell you Oxycontin, which is far more addictive and damaging, while being FDA approved. I learned to ask “who benefits?” I think I have my answer already; the pharmaceutical companies that lobby for healthcare control.

With the enforcement of this proclaimed war on drugs, weaponizing our officers of the peace into law enforcement, which has created countless cases of brutality, a known bias against minorities, and increased incarceration which prevents many from achieving the American Dream; all to land people in cages over… well, plants. People, who would have been productive members of society, wanting to raise their children to reach better dreams, had their pursuits infringed upon all because they had a plant in their possession at a certain moment.

I whole-heartedly urge the Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee to rethink about that failed “war on drugs” and the results it created on its own, no matter the well-intended wishes. Furthermore, the LPAC will be more than willing to come to the table to help create a policy that works for everyone, meaning personal freedom and liberty for all.


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