Cody Wilson Vs. The Government: Printing Schemes

cody wilson

The life of Cody Wilson gets more and more curious the more you dig into it. Back in August of 2018 his name became more known in a mainstream sense as an advocate for 3-D printed guns. This is because he had planned to release designs for guns that can be made by a 3-D Printer. A federal judge in Seattle granted a motion to prevent Wilson from releasing these until his court case is resolved. Yes, he was in court already and for wildly different reasons than I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

In 2013 Wilson by way of his company, Defense Distributed was told to take down download links to CAD files they had been accessible to all. Some of these files contained weapons, including the “Liberator”.The files were up for a short time before the Department of Justice ordered them taken down. The files had already been downloaded over 100,000 times but that wasn’t about to stop the government from showing its ignorance of how the internet works. It was in response to this takedown letter that Cody Wilson, who was later joined by the Second Amendment Foundation would launch a constitutional challenge against the government for violating his 1st, 2nd, and 5th Amendment rights.

Fast forward to 2018, the government settles with Wilson. But 19 States, as well as the District of Columbia, sue the Trump government to stop the settlement. Wilson decides that instead of putting the gun blueprints out for free, he decided to sell them, but let users pick their price. He called it a “loophole” in order to get what he wanted done. Cody Wilson had political aspirations in his want to give Americans access to 3-D Printed firearms blueprints. And I’ll touch on those in a bit, but first, we have to see what’s going on with Cody currently.

As it stands at the time of myself writing this article, Wilson was charged with having sex with a minor. He tried to avoid arrest by playing to Taiwan, but was arrested there and sent back to the US where he now remains in custody on $150,000 bond in Texas. Now you may think that this behavior is strange and you’re damn right it is. But for Cody Wilson, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility when you know more about him.

Now what I’m about to share with you are simply allegations that I’ve seen made on social media and should be taken as nothing more than that. In 2013 Forbes did an article about a person with the pseudonym “Kuwabatake Sanjuro”. Sanjuro is described as a person who started an “Assassination Market” through the dark web very much in the same vein as the infamous “Silk Road”. The site’s purpose was to crowdfund political bounties. Sanjuro expresses that the purpose of the Assassination Market is to “destroy all governments everywhere.” He also describes himself as a “crypto-anarchist.” In the same year, Cody Wilson launches a Bitcoin Wallet called “Dark Wallet”.

This was made for the express purpose of trying to keep bitcoin transactions as anonymous as possible. Wilson himself is another self-described “crypto-anarchist” who also thinks that the government should fear its citizenry, a concept I can sympathize with. Now you’re probably thinking that I’m just drawing small similarities between “Sanjuro” and Cody Wilson to make a weak link that Cody is Sanjuro. What makes this more interesting is Wilson’s current legal troubles are due to him purchasing sex from a minor on a website called “SugarDaddyMeet”. The name Wilson chose to use for this purchase? You guessed it. Sanjuro. Now again, not concrete. What is interesting is that a year before “Sanjuro” started off his Assassination Market, Cody Wilson is discussing the idea of dark web bounties while speaking at University of Texas:

Now what you’re probably thinking is “great, another extreme nutjob making Libertarian Capitalism look insane.” Well, you’re in luck, because it seems that the Assassination Market was an attempted scam allegedly. According to “Pirate Dot London” Only 180 Bitcoin was put into the Dark Web market. The Market never had any trade besides that so we can assume “Sanjuro” put some coin in it to try to draw customers. That was back in 2013 when Bitcoin was about $12 USD each. However, in March of 2018, all of the bitcoins were taken out. At the time those same bitcoins became worth over $1.3 million USD.

Now as I said, these are just speculations. But keep in mind Cody Wilson is the same guy who was already in Taiwan and skipped on his return flight when he got wind of his impending charges. A man planning a run could use $1.3 million in nearly untraceable currency. Then again couldn’t we all?

You can read more by Malcolm Ault on Think Liberty here.


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