EU offers Brexit delay, Utrecht shooting

European News Roundup March 21st 2019



EU offers delay options

This week Prime Minister Theresa May sent a letter to EU leaders requesting an extension to Article 50, which would delay Brexit. The Union has reached a unanimous decision to grant a delay to Brexit on certain conditions. They have offered a new deadline of May 22nd, provided next week’s vote on the withdrawal bill passes. If not, there will be a shorter delay until April 12th, where they expect a new strategy will be set out. Leaders have been reluctant to agree to the delay without a legitimate purpose – they want reassurances that there is some plan.

Meanwhile, confidence in the PM is waning as it appears there is no plan, and she is just “running down the clock.” Despite parliament stating through a vote earlier in the month of its intention to reject a No Deal, withdrawing from the EU without a formal arrangement, that is still the outcome if no deal is agreed in parliament before March 29th. The impasse compelled the House to vote to request an extension to Article 50.

Stop Brexit petition meets one million signatures.

A petition on the government petitions website urging for the revocation of Article 50 has reached a million signatures. As the impasse in government and parliament over Brexit continues, the British public has grown restless, and are looking for fast solutions. If No Deal is to be avoided at all costs, there is a large contingent of the populace that would like to see the UK cancel Brexit altogether, reflected in this petition. This is currently seen as a highly unlikely scenario by the higher-ups. There is a long way to go before canceling Brexit will truly be on the table. However, parliament, according to the petition rules, will have to debate it.


13-year old savior in bus attack

A 13-year-old boy has been hailed as a savior as he secretly texted for help during the hijacking of a school bus near Milan. Ramy Shehata has been praised by his classmates for making the contact that saved them. The hijacker has been named as 47-year-old Oussynou Sy, who threatened the children and set the bus alight.

More refugees denied entry to Italy

A refugee rescue ship has been denied permission to dock on the island of Lampedusa by the right-wing minister, Matteo Salvini. 49 refugees and migrants are now left stranded at sea in the latest in a series of refusals as the new coalition government seeks to limit immigration. Salvini has said he will not be blackmailed by ‘human traffickers.’


Utrecht shooter had ‘terrorist’ intent

The main suspect in the tram shooting that killed three people in the Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday is said to have had ‘terrorist’ intent, although some are saying he had personal problems. The 37-year-old Turkish suspect, Gokmen Tanis, acted alone, according to police and will appear in court today for offenses including murder and manslaughter with a terrorist intent.

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