#CDNpoli: Liberals Can’t Math & Immigration Ignorance

Canadian news roundup 27/09/2018


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Everett Shapcott and I’m the newly minted Editor at Large for International Content here at Think Liberty. Besides striving to bring you awesome content daily, we also publish a weekly roundup of all the going’s on in the United Kingdom by my good buddy James Michael Smith.

However, as a Canadian working for a predominantly American website, I couldn’t help but feel as though my countrymen and I were being left out like Trudeau at a NAFTA meeting. Where’s Canada’s weekly roundup, eh? I said to myself.

Well, given the success of our recent content around Canadian politics, I’m proud to announce that going forward Think Liberty will be publishing a Canadian Roundup every Thursday written by yours truly.


Border Security Minister Doesn’t Know How Many People Are Crossing The Border

Canadians are becoming more and more disillusioned by our country’s immigration policies.
Trudeau’s cult of diversity is rightfully seen too many as a failure, while the number of asylum seekers from the US continues to mount.

Over the weekend, Border Security Minister Bill Blair told Global News that the “overwhelming majority” of asylum seekers crossing the Canadian-U.S. border within the last 21 months have left our country.

The problem? By the government’s own admission, only 6 of the 900 asylum seekers are no longer in Canada. Blair had a lot of people calling shenanigans and eventually apologized Monday, saying he “clearly misspoke” which is far as I can tell is Liberal for “My pants are almost literally on fire right now”.

In fact, since early 2017 more than 34,000 asylum seekers have crossed into Canada through unofficial points, while only 398 have actually left. In case you’re as bad at math as Bill Blair seems to be, that’s less than 1%.

New Brunswick, Same Old Premier

On Monday night, New Brunswick’s provincial elections came to a close… Kinda.

The Progressive Conservatives (PCs) won the most seats but failed to win enough seats to
form a majority government. That wouldn’t be the end of the world, except New Brunswick’s incumbent Liberals also claimed the election results as a win.

The PCs won in 22 ridings, while the Liberals – led by Premier Brian Gallant – won 21.

In a show of good sportsmanship, Gallant was determined that his party stay in power (despite the fact that the number 21 is less than the number 22) and vowed to speak with the Lieutenant Governor of the province. For you Americans who don’t understand our crazy political system and my fellow Canucks who never bothered to care, the Lieutenant Governors’ serve as a representative to the Queen.

It’s not an elected position, however. The Governor General (who serves as our head of state representing the Queen) appoints the LGs in every province. So who appoints the Governor General? Well, the Queen does. Based on the advice of this guy:


So Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau, supposedly sided with the Liberals, meaning Gallant is still Premier. I would like to point out that the decision wasn’t likely due to any sort of bias, given that the process is so convoluted I doubt that even she knows what team she’s on.

François Legault Is No “Genius” Either

This story isn’t from this week, but with Quebec’s general election being held on October 1st, it’s worth mentioning. The Liberals and Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) – a nationalist party that’s promised they won’t try and separate if they win – are neck and neck.

The leader of the CAQ, François Legault found himself in a similar situation as Bill Blair last

Legault has been presenting his party as the only one capable of preserving Quebec’s identity. In that vein, one proposed policy would be to force immigrants to pass a values test, as well as a French-language test within three years or face deportation.

When the media asked him how long it takes for someone with permanent residency status to become a Canadian citizen, Legault said it takes “a few months.” despite the fact that it actually takes three years.

When faced with other questions relating to citizenship Legault was supposedly hesitant, gave vague answers and would pause frequently for drawn-out periods of time.

The day after, Legault acknowledged that he is no “Budding Genius” – referring to an old
Quebec trivia game show “Génies en Herbe” – when it comes to immigration laws.

Legault then proceeded to make two more gaffes that same day. First, by stating inaccurately that the federal government only gives citizenship to permanent residents after they pass a background and health tests. Then he said that permanent residents must pass a test on Canada’s values and history. Both are false.

Legault’s opponents jumped on the opportunity to criticize his lack of knowledge with Parti
Québécois leader, Jean-François Lisée, saying that “A candidate who has been basing his
campaign on immigration for two years has shown that he doesn’t know the basics of
immigration in Quebec and Canada” and Phillipe Couillard, leader of the Liberals and
current Premier saying that “(Legault) wants to do expulsion tests, but he failed the knowledge test.

Will François Legault build a wall that the US will pay for? Will Premier Brian Gallant and Border Security Minister Bill Blair learn how to count? All this and more on the next #CDNpoli

You can read more by Everett Shapcott on Think Liberty here.


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