The Elephant in The Room: The Failures of The Government

Failures of the government

People have been pretty quick to advocate a lot of things in the wake of recent events. Surprisingly enough, the one common trend among the relevant recent events that individuals are advocating we try to avoid repeating are being completely ignored: The failures of the government.


The Texas Church Shooting

Failures of the government

What should be common knowledge by now, as it was widely reported, the shooter involved in the event was convicted in 2012 of domestic abuse charges. He had beaten his wife and cracked his infant stepson’s skull. When he was initially accused of the charges, he was sent to a mental health facility. While at this facility, he made multiple death threats to personnel, and ended up escaping, he was later found and captured at a nearby bus station.  He served 12 months in confinement and was released with a bad-conduct discharge in 2014. According to the pentagon information about convictions is to be shared with the FBI, to be included in the National Criminal Information Center Database. This Air Force has admitted that it failed to report these charges to the FBI. Had the conviction been submitted, the shooter would have never been able to purchase the weapon that was used in the shooting. This situation would have been avoided if not for the failures of the government.


The Parkland Shooting

Where do we even begin here? The Parkland shooting is a prime example of breakdown in government competence at what is essentially every level.

The school itself had 4 armed deputies at the premises during the shooting. All of which decided to stay outside and wait out the event instead of protecting those inside.

There were over 39 calls to the shooters home over 7 years. All including, but not limited to reports of; mentally ill person, child/elderly abuse, domestic disturbances, missing people, and more.

He would introduce himself by saying: “Hi, I’m [name redacted], I’m a school shooter”

From November 2017 to January 2018, there were multiple calls to the FBI, warning that this individual was unwell, and they were worried that he would enact threats he had been making about harming other individuals. Specifically: Being a school shooter.

The FBI has stated on the record that they dropped the ball here. Regardless of whether or not the Broward County Sheriff’s department is willing to admit the same, it’s pretty clear they did too. This situation would have been avoided if not for the failures of the government.

Youtube HQ Shooting

Failures of the government

Not more than days ago there was another shooting, at YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California. In this situation the shooter had been expressing frustration over YouTube throttling her YouTube channels. The shooter’s brother has now stated that when the shooter went missing the weekend before the shooting they reported this to the authorities. He had mentioned to the cops she was leaving from San Diego – was headed up North, and might “do something.”


On the Tuesday following that weekend, the shooter was found sleeping in her car inside a parking lot in Mountain View, California. After finding the shooter and alerting her family they’d found her, the Shooter’s father has reported he told the authorities she might be headed to YouTube, because she “hated” the company. The authorities reportedly told the family they would keep an eye on her.

Local authorities claim that there was no obvious indication from the brother or the father that the shooter had a propensity for violence. This situation would have been avoided if not for the failures of the government.


These situations are pointed out because it’s important to see things for what they really are when we’re analyzing trying to solve these problems. The talking points brought up by those who advocate gun control as an answer to these events, fail to mention that the events wouldn’t have happened in the first place if the laws that are already in place where actually followed properly by those who are responsible for upholding them. This is significant because in order to enact what is being advocated for by those who support regulation and control of firearms, would give more responsibilities to the very organizations that are at fault for these situations taking transpiring in the first place.

You can read more from Vinny Marshall on Think Liberty here.


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