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From News to Philosophy, Economics to Argumentation, 2018 was quite the year for important and heavy hitting articles on Think Liberty. As we bring the year to a close we wanted to put together a list of the articles that caught the attention of and meant the most to you, our valued readers.

1. Progressives Don’t Understand The Story Of Robin Hood

Author: Aiden James

“When the proper analogy of Robin Hood is applied to today, you will find, ironically, that it is the likes of Bernie Sanders and company are in fact the ruling class who are stealing people’s money. Not only is Sanders stealing money from innocent people, but he is also getting stinking rich through the process. Bernie does, after all, own three houses, despite having never had a real job outside of politics. Sounds like a king’s life to me.”

2. Yellow Vest Movement: What Libertarians Need To Know About France

Author: Vinny Marshall

“Libertarians in America were especially charmed by the yellow vest movement, as many of them feel as if a second American revolution is overdue, with the left becoming more extreme and pushing for more government expansion, to see France standing up against their government was a welcome scene. The story was a Libertarian fairy tale, of sorts. France decided to announce a gas tax in an attempt to roll out a greener economic policy. New taxes? Revolution? It’s a Libertarian’s dream scenario, right?! There’s only one problem, a lot of the people in France are standing up against the government, and demanding more government.”

3. Who Would Build The Roads: A Guide To This Age Old Question

Author: Rocky Ferrenburg

“Say you buy a car from Carl’s Cars. Carl might have a deal where a yearly pass to Horizon’s road systems are included. Also, you buy a house in Buddy’s Bakery neighborhood where your quarterly homeowner’s association fees include a pass to Horizon’s road systems. Perhaps Horizon has benefits to having a yearly pass as opposed to a monthly pass where the pass holder receives benefits similar to an AAA member, or Horizon cell phones, Daniel’s Debt Collection, and Sarah’s Silver Shop all pair up to offer a discounted pass to all their road systems. Once government is out of the way, the possibilities for the free market become endless. “

4. Bad Argument Vol. 24 – Race Realism

Author: Killian Hobbs

“We can acknowledge these stats rather than just ignoring them, but we need to work with both context and purpose if we’re going to say they matter. Simply saying “X group does Y thing badly” serves no purpose. Data, in general, holds little meaning without purpose or potential effects, and these types of stats serve as a great reminder of that. Blinding ourselves to information is never a positive, but neither is race realism if something positive isn’t going to be done about it.”

5. TSA Has Outlived What Little Purpose It Had

Author: Rory Margraf

“At a minimum, one would think that a secondary screening, one that involves hands in places that would normally elicit a physical response, without cause (random searches), would be illegal. And yet, the budget continues to grow, technologies are continually introduced to undress travelers with electronic eyes, pat downs continue without inhibition, and change does not come.”

6. Felon Gun Photos Used Against You: Be Aware

Author: Jeremy Sallgren

“They scrolled through his posts, comments, reactions, and photos until they found what they were looking for: A photo of him with someone else’s gun. (might I add not uncommon for liberty-minded individuals.) They used that one photo to seal a conviction of Felon in the possession of a firearm” and handed him a two-year sentence doing FEDERAL TIME.”

7. Bad Arguments Vol 2: You’re An Idiot For Misusing Ad Hominem

Author: Killian Hobbs

“Many people misuse this term to be interchangeable with insults, but that’s not correct usage for the purposes of debate. If I say “you’re wrong, and you’re an idiot” I haven’t made an Ad Hominem fallacy; I’ve simply insulted you (still not something that ought to happen in a debate, but not a logical fallacy either). Now if I say “You’re wrong because you’re an idiot” then I have committed the fallacy.”

8. The Pledge of Allegiance: An Unpopular Opinion

Author: Rory Margraf

“If distaste for nationalism is truly alive and well in our country, it is those who choose not to participate, whether it is sanctioned by the state or expected by our society, that are the Patriots. It is those who choose to dissent, to make their own choices and express themselves according to their personal beliefs and values and not the values of the state or of the majority, that hold love of country in their hearts, because it is the individual who lives their most fulfilled life that truly embraces what it was our country was built upon: Liberty.”

9. China, What The Hell Is Your Problem This Week?

Author: Amos Joseph

“An ex-Canadian diplomat, Michael Kovrig was reportedly detained by Chinese authorities. Chinese Asylum claims have significantly jumped in Australia as we’ve seen the human rights violations committed against its citizens. The UN has also reached out to China this week to wants access to the “re-education camp” in China’s Xinjiang. All this in this week’s Asian news roundup.”

10. Pedophiles: A Libertarian Perspective

Author: Rocky Ferrenburg

“As Libertarians, we are not for throwing people into jails or forcing them against their will into treatment, unless there has been a crime. Without the act, or attempt, there is not just cause to arrest these people. So while the argument stands that we cannot exactly control what arouses us, we do know that because something does arouse us does not make it right.”

11. Buster Scruggs & Non-Aggression

Author: Luke Henderson

“It’s interesting to ponder those deaths within the context of the non-aggression principle. Under the NAP, Buster Scruggs’ killings would be justified as he was threatened and thus would have been acting in self-defense. Simply put, a threat is an aggression and can therefore be countered with another aggression. But does this demonstrate the most moral action?”

12. Libertarian Hubris: A Reflection On The Party

Author: Amos Joseph

“Substance, you say? Yeah, we have risen to a level of such idealism and “wokeness” that we are forgetting how to deal with people, how to have some decorum, or even how to just relate with people who aren’t libertarian. The Libertarian Party and Libertarianism as a whole has horrible PR.”

13. Bad Arguments Vol. 19 – It’s A Private Company

Author: Killian Hobbs

“Simply saying that a private company has the right to remove content as they see fit doesn’t change that it’s still a form of censorship. The hosts are still removing what they view as unsavory content from the public eye. What needs to be remembered here though is that these platform hosts are also businesses. As such, they are subject to market forces. This type of argument is similar to the one I highlighted in Bad Arguments 15 where it’s premise is right, but it misses the mark.”

14. Racist, or Libertarian: Pick one – Why Racial Prejudice is Not Compatible With Libertarianism

Author: Kevin Shaw

“ANY claim based in identity politics, whether a product of the far-right or the far-left, is necessarily fatuous. To be consistent in thought and action, we must reject any argument founded on racial prejudice and collectivism; to defend the sacred rights of the individual is to make him distinct from any social group, be it a nation or a race. Ours is a philosophy of permissiveness and independence, which cannot be held in mind alongside such ideas as expressed by Richard Spencer and the like.”

15. Why The Left Shouldn’t Favor Court-Packing: The Future of SCOTUS

Author: Mike Ursery

“It’s still ironic because they are upset that Trump has added another right-leaning justice to the Supreme Court. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, the Supreme Court has a conservative majority. That conservative majority will remain for years to come. Even worse for the Left, Ruther Bader Ginsburg is 85 years old, and Stephen G. Breyer will turn 80 next month. Trump could be tasked with appointing two more justices before he leaves the White House.”

16. Bad Arguments Vol. 1 – “But You Own An Iphone”

Author: Killian Hobbs

“We have a name for claiming that an argument is correct or false based on the person claiming it rather than the argument itself, and its one of the most commonly quoted: “Ad Hominid.” The “but you do X” argument, even if it did somehow successfully showcase the hypocrisy of the individual being called out, does nothing logically to prove or disprove the argument they made leaving it as little more than an attack without real bearing on the discussion.”

17. #thotaudit Speaks Volumes of Our Current Culture (And That’s Not A Good Thing)

Author: Killian Hobbs

“We should not be encourgaging additional taxation of people. We also shouldn’t be moralizing work simply because of the parts of the body used to do it. Like we see in many parts of our culture these days, it’s not good enough to simply not purchase the services but instead people feel the need to have the state come in to take down those they disagree with. They forget that the services exist for a reason, and that reason is that there is a need or desire for it.”

18. Bad Arguments Vol. 26 – The LP Isn’t The Liberty Movement

Author: Killian Hobbs

“If we want the liberty movement to advance we need to remember what defines it. It is not defined by a committee or charter or accord. It is not defined by one organization’s leadership. It has never been defined by these things the ways that other movements or parties have been defined. The liberty movement is built by the people and defined by its principles; no more and no less. The liberty movement is not restricted by something as arbitrary as partisan politics and institutions.”

19. Bad Arguments Vol. 4 – Literally Hitler

Author: Killian Hobbs

“Racism, authoritarianism, and many of the other key qualities that Hitler came to embody should continue to be opposed wherever it is seen to be on the rise. The lessons of the risk of pure totalitarian power that the world learned from WWII are important and must be kept alive and in the public mind to prevent a similar rise to power and subsequent tragedy from happening again. Don’t let the lesson lose its importance or power by being the boy who cried wolf every time you disagreed with the actions of a politician.”

20. Building A Better Libertarian Part 2: Stop Being Edgelords

Author: Mike Ursery

“Libertarian edgelords can be found making shocking posts in political groups, replying to someone whose worldview they don’t agree with a meme or an “edgy” comment, or just blatantly insulting someone. Edgelords might find some kind of personal satisfaction in doing this, but it does nothing for the overall goal, which is to forward the liberty movement. Outsiders who become the victims of these edgelords are only driven away.”


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