#thotaudit Speaks Volumes of Our Current Culture (And That’s Not a Good Thing)


As most of you have seen by now the latest internet news sweeping the globe is the #thotaudit. What’s happening is people are going out hunting down sex workers that use social media to market themselves. Whether it’s through premium snap chat accounts for illicit photos, videos, and opportunity to talk directly to the attractive women (which often is the more valued of the services), or full on escort-styled meet ups, the digital age has led to plenty of new ways for these workers to deliver their goods.

The way that they are being attacked is through the state. The people hunting them down are threatening or directly reporting their work to the IRS, or equivalent tax organization in their respective country. As practically all earning from this kind of work are usually unclaimed (especially due to the questionable legality of the work itself) this sadly growing movement threatens the workers not only financially, but also legally depending on the laws in their area.

Stupid law, funny sign

The #thotaudit hashtag was all started by a facebook user by the name of David Wu, and blew up across social media when it came to the attention of “Legal Rape” advocate Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh. Since then, it is unknown how many such workers have been reported or how much of this is simply internet trolling. The mechanism being used should be as appaling to the average libertarian as the phrase “hunting down sex workers” should be to the public at large.

While the implications of this movement are serious, I do need to make note that I find these exchange somewhat humourous. Many of these premium snapchat using sexworkers tend to be quite vocal in their distain for men they deem to be incels. Insulting your customer base is usually a bad idea (unless that’s what they paid for like a dominatrix or those that bought fallout 76 at full price). The ironic part here is that it would probably take an incel to pay for their services considering how much free porn and free cam girl chats exist out there. O-or so I’m told anyways. On the flip side, these premium services that allow you build a direct client/business relationship with (usually) attractive women (or men) are probably the closest thing to a relationship that those supporting the #thotaudit would get. In both cases the people involved are ignoring the market forces that gave them what they were looking for in the name of pettiness.

We should not be encourgaging additional taxation of people. We also shouldn’t be moralizing work simply because of the parts of the body used to do it. Like we see in many parts of our culture these days, it’s not good enough to simply not purchase the services but instead people feel the need to have the state come in to take down those they disagree with. They forget that the services exist for a reason, and that reason is that there is a need or desire for it. The #thotaudit is frankly just stupid, and leaves me shaking my fist at it.

You can read more from Killian Hobbs on Think Liberty here.


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