The Trump-Clinton Connection


I watched Fahrenheit 11/9 the other day, and it really got me thinking. First of all, Michael Moore is still a sack of trash, but also the idea that Trump running was a ploy. That really struck me. The more I thought about how over the top he was, and some of the other events leading up to the election, I began to think that maybe Moore was actually on to something.

Moore makes the claim, without any citation or source, that Donald Trump merely wanted to run for president to up his celebrity status and gain a healthier salary for his television shows The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. I would disagree with him here. I think that Trump has a number of other methods to increase his status.

For us to gain a better idea on why Trump ran for president, I believe that a review of history would serve us well. Also, please note that we will be looking at some conspiracy theories, and some controversial claims.

After just one term, George H.W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton. After Clinton’s second term, Bush Sr.’s son, George W. Bush, ran for office against Al Gore. Bush Jr. could not afford to lose the election. This was the main point of the recount in Florida, which happened to be the state in which George W. Bush’s little brother, Jeb Bush, was governor. Nevertheless, George W. Bush became president.

During his reelection it was important that Bush win, or at least the Bush doctrine be carried out. This was speculation for his fellow Bonesman, John F. Kerry, to run against him. This is not just another person in the Yale club, the Skull and Bones, but was actually a colleague in the secret club together. In the 2004 election, the choices really did not matter.

Why was it important to have someone in the driver’s seat who wanted to finish what the Bush family started? Because they still needed to stop Saddam Hussein from moving off the petrodollar by killing him and implementing the largest spying apparatus in the world through the Patriot Act.

So what does this have to do with Trump and Clinton? After all, Trump is an outsider. Wrong.

First of all, there is no way to become a real estate mogul in New York City without being involved with politics in some way, but there was also some information about Trump’s family that is pretty telling. Dr. John G. Trump, uncle to Donald Trump, over saw the analysis of Nikola Tesla’s work. These documents are classified, but the ones that talk about Dr. Trump’s analysis are now declassified. What makes the air a little more stinky is that there are claims about how Tesla has been cheated out of credit for many inventions. This has been prevalent for decades.

Also, many politicians have been accused of a number of sex scandals. Some of these have turned out to be true, while some remain conspiracy. One of the major conspiracies in D.C. is a child sex ring. Both Trump and Clinton have been associated with the convicted sex offender, Jeffery Epstein. I do not think Trump is into child porn, but at the same time there is a very bizarre infatuation with his daughter, Ivanka.

Let’s jump back a little from the conspiracy theory side of things. Trump’s immediate family includes real estate and a banker, but what is more interesting is the oldest Trump sibling, Maryanne Trump Barry. Barry was an inactive senior federal appellate judge. After being accused of benefiting from shady tax schemes, she retired. The retirement was due to the fact that retired judges are not subject to conduct rules. It is also worth mentioning the ties that Jared Kushner, fellow real estate mogul, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and senior adviser, has to Saudi Arabia and Democrats, which would certainly tie Trump to the political deep state even more.

It is no secret that Trump has had many politicians as friends and donated to many campaigns. The Clintons and Donald Trump have been friends for decades. People seemed to have forgotten about this, and yet it is some of the most damning information. These two very good friends wound up running against each other, very similar to the Bush/Kerry 2004 election.

Trump and the Clintons had a transactional relationship. They were both focused with branding and building their own empires. Since Trump saw the desperate state of Bill Clinton, and Clinton’s move to New York, as an opportunity to rub elbows with more politicians, and powerful ones at that, it is rumored that Trump built a golf course solely to let Bill in. Nevertheless, the Clintons and Trump spent years as friends helping one another. Transactional or not, it’s rather damning when a former top aid for the Clintons referred to Trump as just “another guy on the call list” when discussing favors between the two.

Now, during this election Trump was able to keep the spotlight on him. He even bragged about how much free advertising that he got. Hillary Clinton actually asked the media to keep the news cycle on him, which inadvertently increased Trump’s polling numbers. This was portrayed as being cynical, and maybe it was. Clinton thought Trump would be easy to beat. The media proceeded to push every Republican as worse than Trump, and only after he won the nomination did he become a bad guy. Clinton thought Trump’s over the top, crass rhetoric would surely lose him the presidency. Therefore, installing herself as the president. She was wrong.

Here is what I think. I have no evidence of this. I have nothing to cite. What I do have is a thought on the progression of the election. Due to Trump not running a campaign that was well put together, not having a victory speech prepared, or saying everything that could be considered political suicide, and yet he still won. Trump ran a campaign on the opposing party against a long time friend of his. The goal was to keep the spot light on him and be a horrible candidate. This would allow Clinton to be a shoo-in for the first female president. However, he won, to both of their surprises.

Trump and the Clintons worked together for a long time, and it is merely a thought that they worked together on the 2016 election. It is not a far stretch to believe that our handlers have joined together to rig another election. I really do think that it is possible that Trump was in the race to help Clinton win. Clinton was so sure that she was going to win, meanwhile Trump seemed like he did everything wrong to lose. Nevertheless, the more he did wrong the better he did.

I have merely seen too many weird connections to ignore it any further. Do your own reading and draw your own conclusions. Still, make it a point to not forget that the Trumps and the Clintons have been long time friends in a very corrupt world.

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