How Bad Is May’s Brexit Deal? Very


Over 21 Members of Parliament have submitted letters of no-confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May’s leadership after submitting a Brexit deal plan that pleases nobody. The deal goes to the House of Commons for a vote next week, but four members of the cabinet have resigned in protest, including Dominic Raab, Brexit Secretary.

If implemented, the plan will mean the UK stays in the European Union in all but name, yet be barred from influencing policy in European Parliament. Diligent journalists have been pouring over the lengthy document over the past day or so, bringing to light some of the more outrageous stipulations in the small print. Highlights:

  • The UK is still obligated to assist in funding lending by the ECB.
  • We will remain in the customs union.
  • The EU will retain the right to regulate our industries for years after the transitional period expires.
  • The European Court of Justice will remain the highest court in the UK for eight years after the transitional period.
  • The UK will continue to obey EU VAT laws.
  • The UK will be subject to recently enacted GDPR clause (The meme regulation).
  • The UK will be tied to EU foreign policy. If the EU decides we need to bomb Syria, that’s what we’re doing. The most telling is Article 37, which stipulates the UK must dress this deal up as best as possible, explaining why Theresa May will not offer anything negative about the deal whatsoever. Her rhetoric is that she has delivered the Brexit we all wanted.

This deal represents the worst of all possible worlds, as we are still subject to the regulations, restrictions, and fees of EU membership, yet are unable to influence it in any way. At this rate, the No Deal option looks like heaven on Earth. The rocky transition as we negotiate trade deals over the next few years looks like a very acceptable price to pay to avoid being a vassal state.

The EU has said they will not accept any amendments from now on, leaving No Deal the only feasible option. A new Brexit secretary has been announced, former junior health minister Steve Barclay. He voted Leave, but that may be deemed irrelevant as it doesn’t seem there will be any further negotiations.

Make no mistake, this is a punishment deal from the EU. The powers-that-be object on principle to us leaving the European Union, and have us stuck us with this “deal” for the mere gall of suggesting it. Their attitude is to be expected. What is more galling is that a Prime Minister, whose job it is to deliver Brexit on behalf of the British people, seems to have made an A+ botch job of negotiation. Her task was to bring us Brexit – what we have is not Brexit, but something that not even Remainers want.

You can read more from James Smith on Think Liberty here.



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