Join us! Become a writer for Think Liberty


Many of you out there are always talking about politics, liberty, philosophy, economics, and the news at large. We want to hear from you!

We currently are opening our doors to guest submissions! That’s right. Send a message to us either through our email, or directly through our various social media feeds with your pitch and you could very well find yourself published right here!

Here’s how it works: think of something you consider important in the vein of liberty. It could be news, economic theory, general philosophy or opinion, whatever have you. Next send us a message with your idea and a copy of your article for submission and YOU could find yourself published on our site.

Have a lot of ideas? Let us know and our journalism director will work with you and you might even become one of our regular authors!

Here’s what you need to know: articles for our website need to be a minimum of 300 words, need to be relevant to liberty or the other topics our site focuses on (generic sports updates won’t make the cut), and need to be submitted with a non copyrighted photo to use as the primary image. In addition, for lengthier pieces please include appropriate sub headings in your formatting and aim to keep paragraphs under 150 words each. As with any article, when citing something do include the hyperlinks as necessary.

Things that will be turned away include:

  • Long, incoherent rants
  • Blatant racism, sexism, etc
  • Completely off topic works
  • Plagiarism (yes we’ll check)
  • Erotica (this actually has to be said, don’t ask)
  • Articles lacking professionalism (emojis, etc)
  • Advertisements
  • Advocations of violence
  • False or misleading news (fact check before writing. That said clear satire, if well done, isn’t off the table!)

Thats everything you need to know to get started! Get out there, put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this case), and share your ideas with us!


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