Bernier Announces New Party; The People’s Party


Earlier today at a press conference in Ottawa, Maxime Bernier finally announced the name of his newly minted party that will be running for seats in Canada’s next federal election.

The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) will now be facing the daunting task of running 338 candidates in the 2019 Federal Election.

“For too long Canadian politics has been hijacked by interest groups, cartels, lobbies, international groups, corporate or union interests of politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa who are disconnected from ordinary citizens,”

Bernier – who many consider a libertarian – made waves last month when he held a similar press conference announcing his departure from the Conservative Party of Canada. Bernier’s decision to leave was based mainly on conservative policy surrounding supply management among other things, referring to his former party as “intellectually [and] morally corrupt”.

The People’s Party of Canada has been slowly gathering support even before it had a name. Cannabis rights activist – Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot’ – Marc Emery has come out in support of Bernier before during his failed leadership bid, and has already donated $1000 to the PPC. 

Emery – who’s also a self-described libertarian – has said that when it comes to Bernier “I’ve never seen anything I disagree with,” and, in a truly loveable stoner fashion, “I don’t even know if it has a name yet but I’m excited about it.”.

Emery isn’t the only one who’s gotten behind the ex-conservative MP representing Beauce.

Merchant banker and former Dragon’s Den (Canada’s version of Shark Tank) star Michael Wekerle has also come out in support of Bernier. The ex-reality star said that “[he’s] “Very true to his word. What he says, is what he does, is what he believes in. He’s a politician yet he doesn’t wade outside his core principles and for me, I thought that was very impressive,”

Bernier also announced that the PPC has so far raised 140k in the three weeks since his departure from the Conservatives.

You can read more by Everett Shapcott on Think Liberty here.


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