Libertarian Support For Maxime Bernier


I first kicked the tires back in and around the end of 2013. I remember looking at all the active political parties at the time and when I came upon the Libertarian Party of Canada I remember saying to myself “that one…if any of them at all”.

Later on in May of 2014 when Tim Moen became president I was beginning to take a closer look at him. I remember that the website for the Libertarian Party wasn’t updated. I struggled to get a membership online, so off to social media I went in search of these people. Then Tim received international attention.

All of a sudden I saw this guy popping up everywhere. I’m sure you know the quote so no need to reiterate. Then groups like Libertarians in Canada popped up. The meme wars were just stirring up at the time. That’s when I felt a momentum swing and that’s when I was hooked.

I met James Walper here in Red Deer, AB, after finding him on a libertarian group dedicated to the attempt of Tim and the party to harness what had just happened to his public identity. James built the riding association essentially by himself. I stood by him in support as I wanted to watch his journey. He received 445 votes in 2015. Earl Dreschen received over 40,000.

It was around then I thought to myself maybe I could run in the riding neighboring to James and that we could team up next election. At this time talks of the Wildrose and PC merger in Alberta were just beginning and I was involved locally in my provincial riding surrounding that merger. The meeting for the merger was hosted in Red Deer in fact.

My good friend is currently in the nominee race for Red Deer – South for the United Conservative Party of Alberta. This provincial riding is tied up nicely with a bow at this point.

So that leads me back to focusing on the federal election. I was originally ready to focus on running for the Libertarian Party of Canada until last month. The day we met in Red Deer I had no idea what Tim was about to announce. He invited Derek Fildebrandt who is a noted independent MLA here in Alberta (former UCP) who has also started his own party – the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta. Derek and Tim rolled out this merger idea (between the Libertarian Party and Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada). I lapped it up. Of course, this is because I see myself as a Libertarian in perhaps the American Ron Paul style (I’m more of an economist’s libertarian mixed with social liberalism) with fiscal conservative leanings for the sake of pragmatically engaging the world I live in.

Coupled with the undercurrents in the USA and people like Jordan Peterson, I believe we have solid ground to stand on and proceed forward towards a common goal.

Maxime Bernier is someone I hope will be the voice of reason; who will be brave enough, to be honest, and straightforward. He is the anti-establishment vote. He is the anti-political correctness vote. He is the “save western civilization” vote.

I want to do everything I can to help. If that includes using my presence and influence in the Libertarian Party, then that is my virtue. I mean well and I wish to force nothing on anyone. I want us to come together and be united under a single banner.


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