Build-A-Bear Madness Over “Pay Your Age” Promo


For those of you unfamiliar with the Build-A-Bear Workshops (which would be surprising) they are a chain of retail stores that sell teddy bear and other stuffed animals. What makes the special is the ability to build the bear right in the store which makes for a great outing with the family. Unless of course, the outing involves massive lines and eventually being turned away.

Build-A-Bear kicked the day off with a “Pay your age” Promotion where the price of their bears and stuffed animals would be discounted down to your child’s age. Considering the average prices range from $20-$30 this meant massive savings for parents looking to get their kids a new plushy to play with. Build-A-Bear as a company was looking to make off with a massive profit from the gigantic U.S and Canadian sale, however, they didn’t expect the response they received.

The event, which was supposed to be a massive one day sale, didn’t even last for half of the day. The response to the promo was so great that the lineups outside of their almost 400 locations reached beyond critical mass. Authorities were called on many of their locations to deal with the chaos that came from the rush of customers. The turnout became a public safety concern within a few hours of the stores opening.

In a statement, Build-A-Bear alerted the early closure of their stores with the promise to reach out to their customers to make up for ending the promotion and closing their stores so soon after the start. Whether the company outreach will alleviate the bitter mood the whole experience left their customers in has yet to be seen. One thing for sure is that Build-A-Bear has a big week ahead. Not even Apple has had to shut down over demand for a product. Perhaps this is a sign of the resurgence of toys over electronics to come.

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