China’s Threats, Antifa Violence, & A Mostly Empty Meeting

Canadian News Roundup 11/12/2018


This week on the Canadian news roundup: Violence breaks out at a protest in Ottawa over the Trudeau’s plans with the U.N., China makes threats over the apprehension of Huawei executive, and the first ministers meeting resulted in… a whole lot of nothing.

China’s Threats

On December 1st Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested for extradition to the U.S. over various charges of fraud. In particular is the accusation that she had been using a shell company to maneuver around and violate sanctions placed against Iran. While the charges seem straightforward China is not having it. China’s threats come as little surprise due to a tactic they call “Kill the chicken, scare the monkey” which effectively means they’ll use this as an opportunity to show strength against Canada in the hopes of swaying favour through intimidation from the U.S.

China’s spokesperson from the foreign ministry, Lu Kang, had this to say “For Canada, if they do not correctly handle this matter, there will be serious consequences. You asked, what kind of serious consequences would these be? I can tell you in one sentence: It is totally up to Canada.”

First Ministers Meeting Peaceful, But Pointless

In a meeting in Montreal, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with the Premiers from each province and territory for their first ministers meeting post-election. The meeting was mostly empty on results however some ministers felt that it was still productive overall. One of the primary focuses was the carbon emissions and tax plan Trudeau has for each of the provinces, Alberta’s energy sector crisis (which is really just us not getting screwed at the pumps for a change), and interprovincial trade restrictions being lowered or removed.

As expected, there were key moments throughout where Ontario Premier Doug Ford clashed with the Prime Minister, especially in the area of carbon taxes, though the peace was kept. To Trudeau’s credit, the provinces had voiced their concerns about focusing on the agenda of the Federal government rather than their own issues, to which Trudeau opened the floor for more fluid discussion.

ANTIFA Violence

Tensions rose and fists flew at a recent protest in Ottawa as police clashed with Antifa counter-protesters. The cause of the initial protest was an outcry against Trudeau’s plans to sign on to the Global Compact on Migration. The concern is that signing on would effectively hand over Canada’s sovereign rights and control of its borders to the U.N.

The assumption of the initial protesters here is false, though simultaneously warranted. The Global Compact is non-binding and hands no official powers over to the U.N. or other such bodies. The concern that Trudeau will act in accordance and take his cues related to the border from the U.N. future forward remains to be seen.



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