Country Votes, Recounts, A Shooting, & A Fire

The US News Roundup 11/11/2018


This week was packed full, thanks mostly to the country wide midterm elections, so let’s dive right in.


Democrats won the House, but it was no wave. Democrats flipped at least 30, and as many as 40 seats. In 2010, Republicans won 63. Republicans also held the Senate this year, flipping Indiana, North Dakota, and Missouri, but losing Nevada. With Florida in a recount and Arizona still counting votes, and Mississippi going to a run-off, Republicans could control as many as 54 or as few as 51 seats. Libertarians did poorly generally, with Larry Sharpe finishing behind the Green Party candidate, Lucy Brenton not covering the difference in Indiana, and Gary Johnson getting just more than half of his Republican opponent, at 15%. While Gary had the best federal result of any Libertarian in a three-way race ever, Libertarians were talking upset a few months ago. If even a two-term former governor can’t win as a Libertarian, that’s bad news for the LP. You can read a full-length recap of the election from Nathan Kreider over at Being Libertarian.

Recount controversy

Surprise, surprise, the state of Florida is in the news under not-the-best-of-terms. Governor Rick Scott, who challenged Democrat Senator Bill Nelson, held a 57,000 vote lead before Broward County “discovered” new ballots, and the counting of those shrunk his lead down to 15,000. That margin has triggered a recount, both in this race and in the governor’s race between Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis. This odd behavior by Broward County has been noticed by the President and Republicans across the country, but not by much media. A full breakdown was published by Alex Croft at Being Libertarian.

Wildfires in California

California has been struck by another wildfire, this one sweeping through the Sierra Nevada foothills near Los Angeles. Already 23 people have died and 105,000 acres have burned. Trump sparked another fire on Twitter, calling out forest mismanagement by the state of California. There certainly should be a discussion about exactly why this is happening so often, and only in California, and maybe Trump’s bully pulpit-preaching will actually start that this time. For one explanation, I would recommend this article from Forbes.

Thousand Oaks Shooting

Twelve people were killed at by an ex-marine in a country bar in Thousand Oaks, California. The shooting was done by a legally-acquired handgun in the most anti-gun state in the country. One of the victims was Telemachus Orfanos, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting. While his mother immediately called for gun control, as many are quick to do, many in the area are buying guns. I don’t mention these details because I want to politicize this, but because it has and will be politicized, and I want you to be informed. This is a tragedy, but in a country of 325 million, there are a lot of tragedies. Do not let this be an excuse to strip you of your rights.

You can read more from Ian Scar on Think Liberty here.


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