More Democrats Push For Presidency & Private Healthcare For Canada?

The North & South American News Roundup 05/02/2019

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Virginia’s governor is a racist, the Ontario PCs may try to privatize healthcare, and more East Coast progressives are running for President. This is the last week in the Americas.

Racist Photo Of Virginia Governor Emerges

Governor Ralph Northam’s med school yearbook was uncovered last week, and his section is interesting, to say the least. In Northam’s quarter-page section, there is a photo of a man in blackface next to a man dressed as a Ku Klux Klansman. Northam apologized for the photo but later denied being in it. He did admit to darkening his face that year for a dance competition where he went as Michael Jackson and claims to have won the competition because he could moonwalk. When asked if he could still moonwalk, he was stopped by his wife from trying (which is too bad, really). Pressure has mounted for Northam to resign, but he has refused to thus far. The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, Virginia House and Senate Democrats, former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe, the VA Democratic Party, and national Democrats including Hillary Clinton and 2020 candidates Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren, and more, have all asked him to resign. Safe to say, his political career is over, but he does still have three more years in office (Northam was elected in 2017 to his first time, and took office in January of 2018).

Privatized Healthcare A Possibility In Ontario

A bill draft recovered by the Ontario NDP (New Democratic Party) reveals a push by Progressive Conservatives to change the way the province’s healthcare is run. The PCs are the controlling government in Ontario, lead by Doug Ford. While the PCs insist they are trying to reduce overhead by creating a single agency to replace the Local Health Integration Networks, NDPs fear this is a privatization of healthcare in Canada. NDP leader Andrea Horwath says “It’s very clear in this bill that privatization of health care is the agenda.” She says the transitional steps detailed in the bill would allow the government to sell services off to the highest bidders. PC leaders deny the claims and insist there will be no changes to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Even More Presidential Candidates

Two Democrats made big moves towards the party’s top nomination in 2020 this past week. Cory Booker, the junior Senator from New Jersey, announced his campaign on February 1st. Booker grabbed national attention for his self-described “Spartacus” moment during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. He is critiqued by the left for his favors to Big Pharma, including a vote against importing Canadian generic medications, in exchange for nearly $400,000 towards his most recent Senate election. While some of that information may be misleading, misinformation is stronger than no information, and Booker still has something to prove to progressives. Elizabeth Warren also let word slip that she will be announcing a run for the presidency this Saturday, February 9th. Warren formed an exploratory committee on December 31st, and is also considered a strong contender for the nomination. She will be the 13th Democrat to officially announce her campaign, with two others still in the “exploratory committee” stage. Six of those Democrats aren’t considered very serious, including entrepreneur Andrew Yang and Ken “Free Hugs” Nwadike, and one, West Virginia State Senator Richard Ojeda, has already withdrawn.

In an Emerson poll of 260 likely Democratic Caucus goers for 2020 in Iowa, former Vice President Joe Biden leads all potential candidates with 29% of the vote. Kamala Harris, junior Senator from California, is second with 18%, and Bernie Sanders comes in third with 15%. Elizabeth Warren also gets 11%, and none of the other ten candidates named gets more than 6%. “Someone else” got 8%, while the longest-running candidates, John Delaney, and Andrew Yang, got one and zero percent respectively. Tulsi Gabbard got less than one percent. That portion of the poll had a +/- of 6%. The same poll asked 831 Iowans to choose in hypothetical matchups between Trump and top Democrats. Only Joe Biden beat the President in the state that the latter won in 2016, 51% to 49%. Sanders loses 50% to 51% (rounding error), Warren loses 48% to 52%, and Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke both lose 47% to 53%. Independent Howard Schultz polls at 11% when introduced to the Warren/Trump matchup, taking approximately 8% from Warren and 3% from Trump. That extends Trump’s hypothetical lead from 52-48 to 49-40-11. That part of the poll had a +/- of 3.4%.

You can read more from Andrew Bartholomew on Think Liberty here.


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