South and North Korea have opened a line of diplomatic communications between the nations’ leaders, just one among many unexpected efforts by North Korean leadership to lessen tensions on the peninsula. The two Koreas have remained in a state of an uneasy cease-fire since the end of their civil war in 1953.  

Not only did Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong Un have a brief conversation over the new phone line, they’ve agreed to a physical meeting just south of the DMZ later this month.

In what is perhaps the most startling of these new developments, North Korea has announced it’s willingness to immediately cease its nuclear missile program, indefinitely, without ultimatum. Until now, Kim Jong Un has made nuclear disarmament conditional upon the removal of US troops from South Korea. This sudden rescinding of conditional demands leaves the US without any reason to reject any peace agreement reached by the warring nations.

In a statement on state media in NK, Kim Jong Un announced the nation had no further need for ballistic missile tests, having already demonstrated its ability to deliver a nuclear warhead. 

They’ve also declared their willingness to work with the international community to achieve global denuclearization, likely in exchange for sanctions relief, but with no specific demands attached.

While NK has deceptively claimed to cease its nuclear programs in the past, this is a promising development, which shines a light on the peace talks next week. This is a welcome change of pace from the frequent nuclear threats over the last year; the US should support these peace talks to the best of its ability, and perhaps consider removing its military presence on the peninsula as a sign of good faith.

Without our forces on their border, and with no threat of military skirmish along the DMZ, perhaps we might realize an era of peace and prosperity for all Korean people, and take a step towards ending the threat of nuclear armageddon.

You can read more by Kevin Shaw on Think Liberty here.


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