Donald Breaking Down Over Cohen Trial: Possible Impeachment & Reaction

Donald Trump went on the defensive recently over the conviction of two of his former associates. While Trump was quick to defend Paul Manafort, Donald’s former campaign chair, after his recent conviction for his “Tax scheme” as special counsel Robert Mueller commented. This “Tax scheme” included tax and bank fraud, and hiding foreign assets; a collection of charges that can lead to up to 240 years in prison. While Manafort defended himself and is still fighting through the trial/appeal process, Cohen sits on the other side of this has come out and pleaded guilty of illegally using campaign financing to pay off women Trump had slept with including the now more famous porn star Stormy Daniels, and the less noted Karen McDougal. Part of this guilty plea included naming Donald directly as the individual who authorized the transaction. Donald Trump had this to say about his previous staffers:
Trump has shown solidarity with Manafort and distain for Cohen in other tweets as well following the results of their trials.
The most interesting implication of this news is that if Cohen’s story can be substantiated this will be proof of Trump’s involvement in a federal crime, and proper grounds for impeachment (unlike previous cries for that to happen). During a recent interview with “Fox and Friends,” Trump admitted to the payments happening, and that they came from him. His statement claims that, while the payments definitely took place that they were legal and that Cohen’s guilty plea is irrelevant. As the payments were never reported to the Federal Election Committee a legal question remains in the air: were the payments to protect his personal image or his image as a candidate? As it took place during an election it would be difficult for investigators to directly prove that the action was taking for the sake of the campaign rather than simply personal, but this whole situation has opened the doors for potential impeachment processes to begin. While it’s unlikely to happen with the current sitting Congress, the midterm elections could very well change that quickly. You can read more from Killian Hobbs on Think Liberty here.


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