Eloquent Drug Dealers & Cancer-Testing Breathalyzer??

UK News Roundup 04/01/2019


Ferry contractors for ‘No Deal’ copied T&C from Takeaway restaurant

The ferry company contracted by the government in case of a No Deal Brexit has faced further embarrassment after it has been revealed that they have copied their Terms and Conditions from a takeaway restaurant. In the text, it refers to “meal/order,” suggesting it has been lifted from another website without being read.

Sky News reported that “The same template text appears on multiple other websites, including for a college alumni association and wool company.”

This comes after it was revealed that the shipping company, essential in the case of exiting from the European Union without a deal, did not actually own any ships. The government’s handling of the No Deal contingency plans is being seen as inept.

Foreign Secretary admits Assad is here to stay

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has made a statement admitting that Syrian President Bashar al Assad will likely remain in power for the foreseeable future. Though previously stating that peace in Syria cannot be achieved with him in power, the regime’s continued support by Russia and US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of troops in December has necessitated accepting Assad’s supremacy.

This is more welcome realism from the government regarding Syria and the Middle East. Contra Russia hawks of the establishment, continued presence, and intervention in Syria is not doing the region any good. If there was some ground to be gained by our position there, it would have been achieved sometime in the last seven years of the civil war.

Drug dealers spared jail. “Their English was good,” says judge.

A court has sentenced two young cannabis dealers to 100 hours of unpaid community work after the judge praised them for “high level of grammar” in their text messages to customers. Luke Rance and Brandon Kerrison were brought before the court for intent to supply cannabis, and plead guilty. It was remarked that the dealers had used proper punctuation in advertising their goods.

This is all well and good, and pleasing that judges are becoming less and less draconian when it comes to sentencing cannabis users and dealers. It’s a far cry from full legalization, which should have happened years ago. What’s absurd about this story is that the judge felt motivated to mention the high level of English in the text messages as if it had any bearing on the case whatsoever.

The drug war disproportionately impoverishes those from lower-income, less educated backgrounds. If dealing cannabis is considered a petty crime, then that should be reflected in the sentences for people of all backgrounds. It should not be implied that those who are more educated will get more lenient sentences.

Cancer breathalyzer being tested in Cambridge

Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge will be the first center in the UK to trial the use of a “breathalyzer” device that is said to be able to detect cancer in patients. It will first be trialed on those patients who are suspected to have oesophageal and stomach cancers. It is thought that the device will be able to detect cancers at an earlier stage than is currently detected. In oesophageal cancers particularly, they are detected too late, and only 12% of patients with the disease survive over 10 years.
This is great news and a boon to the NHS, as it shows record wait times for cancer treatment. If the disease can be detected earlier, it will help to mitigate these long wait times that too often represent death sentences for cancer patients.

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