Face Off Finals! Last Of The US Primaries

face off

This week saw the conclusion of primary elections in the U.S., less than six weeks before the general election. First this week was New Hampshire, where Young Americans for Liberty saw their largest Win at the Door success yet. They went 13-3, including a narrow victory by Robert Forsythe which is still uncalled, despite a 4-point lead with all precincts reporting. It marks 26 victories for the liberty organization’s inaugural campaign program.

Elsewhere in the state, Democrat Molly Kelly defeated Steve Marchand by 32 points to face incumbent Republican Chris Sununu in the election for Governor. Kelly is running on a platform of public education, a $15 minimum wage, and a social progressivism. Sununu is running for his second 2-year term, and is touting his record on jobs and opioid crisis.

Democrats nominated openly gay politician Chris Pappas over Maura Sullivan and a crowded field including Bernie Sanders’ son (whom he did not endorse) with 42% of the vote. On the other side of the aisle, black former police chief Eddie Edwards received 48% of the vote, defeating Andy Sanborn and the rest of the field. They will face off with Libertarian Dan Belforti to claim the seat of retiring Representative Carol Shea-Porter. Republicans also nominated Steven Negron with only 26% of the vote over six other candidates to face incumbent Ann McLane Kuster. Negron is a veteran who is running to balance the federal budget, but his defense contractor past raises concerns. They will also face Libertarian Justin O’Donnell, who easily defeated Tom Alciere.

In Delaware’s Wednesday primaries, Democratic Senator Thomas Carper defeated progressive challenger Kerri Harris by nearly 30 points. He will face Republican Robert Arlett in his race for a fourth term. Arlett defeated Eugene Truono and political satirist Rocky De La Fuente. He is a small government conservative with emphases on lower taxes, deregulation, and free trade.

Republican Scott Walker (not that one) defeated Lee Murphy by six percent to face the incumbent Democrat Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester in Delaware’s only Congressional district. Rochester is a member of the Progressive Caucus in her first term, while Walker is quite the odd candidate. He lost the Democratic primary to Rochester for the same seat two years ago, describes himself as an active alcoholic, and has no staff. You can read more about this interesting candidate from local radio station WHYY.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo defeated progressive challenger Cynthia Nixon is an over-anticipated primary where some tried to paint Cuomo as too centrist. Yes, really. He received 65% of the vote and will face Republican Marc Molinaro, Libertarian rising star Larry Sharpe, and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins. In a much tighter race for Lt. Gov., incumbent Kathy Hochul defeated Nixon’s running mate Jumaane Williams by only six points, reminding us all to vote all the way down the ballot. With the last election before November wrapped up, we saw an average showing for liberty Republicans, a fantastic effort by Young Americans for Liberty, and underwhelming results for progressives.

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