After a short hiatus Think Liberty is bringing back the news from the Great White North. That’s right! The Canadian News Roundups will resume effective today, and it’s definitely been an interesting week. Between Trudeau’s Federal cabinet’s renewed push on carbon taxes, some hot water over loans that were written off, municipal elections, and a gaffe by the opposition, there’s plenty to cover.

Trudeau Forcing Carbon Tax Whether Provinces Like It Or Not

Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are preparing to feel the force of the federal government as Trudeau’s Liberals have announced they are putting together a framework to force these provinces to align with his carbon tax plan. Originally the majority of the provinces were (unfortunately) on board with the initial carbon tax plans when they were first drafted two years ago, but that was before the provincial elections and major shakeups that came from them. Now many key provinces have come out in direct opposition to the plans. A change you would think the Liberals would take note of considering this comes from a change in elected officials.

MPs will be spreading out across the nation over the following weeks to push the message supporting this “Price of Pollution.” Most interestingly (and assinine) is the current notion of handing out rebate cheques to citizens in provinces that aren’t following the federal plan in an attempt to offset the additional costs that the carbon tax will be adding to goods, gas, and energy. Ironically, the MPs will be attempting to explain how this will lead to more money in people’s pockets rather than less, yet they need to pay out rebates to offset? Uh-huh.

These changes will take place Jan 1, 2019, and will include flat taxing of $10/tonne of emissions that will increase by $10 each year until 2022.

Federal Loans Written Off

It’s also come to light that over $6.3 Billion worth of federal loans have been written off by Trudeau’s Liberals this week as well. The Liberals have been writing off nearly $3 billion in loans each year for the last two years, but the jump this year can primarily be attributed to former Prime Minister Harper’s cabinet. Back in 2009 towards the end of the recession, the federal government gave Chrysler a $2.6 Billion loan in an attempt to save over 50,000 jobs. This week they are claiming they’ve exhausted all avenues of recovering the funds for the loan so they are simply writing it off.

This is in addition to approx. $1.1 Billion in other write-offs bringing the primary total of write-offs up to $7.4 billion for the year thus far. Conservatives have been quick to criticize these moves, citing how this deficit spending could lead to long last damage should another recession rear it’s ugly head before we return to a balanced budget. Trudeau likely still believes it will balance itself.

Scheer Stupidity

As nearly everyone is aware by now, Canada has become the second country to legalize weed on a federal level. People from all sides of the political spectrum have cheered on the move by Trudeau. From the party that almost always increases governmental powers, seeing them take major steps towards ending the drug war was quite refreshing. Apparently being happy about your opposition doing something right for a change is too much for Andrew Scheer.

Andrew Scheer, the current leader of the Conservatives, came out stating that if he wins the 2019 federal election there is no guarantee that the weed will remain legal. This has led to attacks from practically all sides, including his own. Most notably has been former conservative and the new leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, attacking him for the statement, likely hoping to gain the sway of more conservatives over to his new party. All in all, we can only hope he changes his tune or at the very least never gains the power to make that kind of change.

Municipal Elections

The Ontario Municipal elections have come and gone with little major changes. John Tory remains the Mayor of Toronto, Jim Watson remains the Mayor of Ottawa, and Gord Krantz won his 21 term as Mayor in Milton continuing his streak as longest running Mayor in Canada. Many were expecting major changes on the councilor side in many townships and cities, but overall there were little changes from the norm.

Back in July Ontario Premier Doug Ford changes the number of city councilors in Toronto from 47 to 25 after a long legal battle to enforce the ruling. This of course resulting in quite a few long-serving members of the council losing their positions. In addition over in Oshawa, the city has elected a rather interesting character. One Dan Carter won the Mayoral spot. Mr. Carter came as a surprise for those outside of the city as he was formerly homeless, a drug addict, and hadn’t learned to read properly until he was in his 30s. Outside of these changes little of what took place during these elections really changed all that much, but then again, when does it really?

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