French Language Rally & Oil Woes in East & West

Canadian News Roundup 04/12/2018


Welcome back for another dose of news from the Great White North with the Canadian News Roundup. Going forward editions of this particular roundup will be moved to Tuesday rather than Wednesday so you get the news a whole day early! This week we cover Alberta production cuts, French language protests in the capital, and New Brunswick pushing to restart their pipeline.

New Brunswick Pushes For Pipeline

As reported recently by The Star, the new Premier of New Brunswick has announced his intentions to revive the Energy East pipeline, a project that’s been dead for the last year. The pipeline could have proved to be quite the boon for the province and they had initially invested over $15 billion into the project before it was abandoned by TransCanada Corporation. The reason for the original abandonment of the project was changes made to the assessment process from an environmental perspective made by the National Energy Board. While Premier Higgs has been pushing, TransCanada Corp pushed back with an official statement that they had no intentions of reviving the failed initiative.

French Language Rally

In Ottawa, and throughout Ontario, protests raged on with French-speaking Ontarians gathering to challenge the provincial government’s leadership and demand representation. The challenge comes from a decision made by Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford to cut the French Language Services Commissioners Office and canceling the plans for a French-language university in Toronto as part of his crusade to limit and reduce spending. Ontario historically hasn’t been the friendliest when it comes to acknowledging and representing its French-speaking citizens. Doug Ford’s response to the outcry thus far has been the appointment of a new French-language commissioner on the Ombudsman’s office, and a Ministry of Francophone Affairs.

Alberta Oil Production Slashed

In Alberta in CBC reported that Premier Rachel Notley has announced plans to force an 8.7% cut in oil production (approx 325,000 barrels daily) as of Jan 1st, 2019 in order to drive the prices back up. Yes, you read that right. Watch the video below for her official statement.

You can read more from Killian Hobbs on Think Liberty here.


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