GM Closure, First Nations, & The Post Strike

Canadian News Roundup 28/11/2018


On today’s edition of the Canadian News Roundup, I will be covering the Senate’s approval of the new legislation to fix the Canada Post strike, First Nations meeting for a very libertarian set of topics, and the effect of the GM closures up here in Ontario.

GM Closure Counters ‘Open For Business’ Plan

As we’ve already heard, GM has made the move to shut down several plants. In the USA this led to over 10,000 job losses but they weren’t the only ones facing such losses and closures. Here in Ontario in the city of Oshawa GM closed a plant leading to 2,500 job losses. According to the CBC, the province has stated there is nothing they can offer in order to keep them open. During a call between Premier Doug Ford and GM Canada president Travis Hester that took place this past Sunday.

As expected, this has led to the other parties attacking Ford for giving in on the loss as quickly as he seems to have done. The Green Party took to Twitter to take swipes at the Premier saying that this closure was a part of GM’s move towards green vehicles and that “This is a wake-up call that we need to support the $26 trillion clean economy, not attack it as Ford has been doing.” The NDP and Liberal Party leaders also attacked him calling it a sign of weak leadership overall. Union workers from the plant plan to fight back against the decision, and hopefully, Ford will too.

Back-To-Work Bill Passes

As reported by The Toronto Sun the Senate has passed Bill C-89 forward for royal assent Monday. The bill is primarily back-to-work legislation to put an end to the weeks-long strike by Canada Post staff. While members of the Senate and the House of Commons were more than happy to see this bill pass, the workers themselves are less than amused.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) issued a statement shortly following the passing of the bill stating that this “Violates our right to free collective barganing under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms” and that they will be “exploring all options to fight the back-to-work legislation.” This all comes after almost a year of negotiations and the lengthy rotating strike that began on Oct. 22.

First Nations Meet For Self-Governance

In Halifax, prominent members of First Nations tribes across Canada met for a special summit on self-governance. The primary focus was on the self-determination of the local Atlantic tribe the Mi’kmaq. Much of the summit focused on the quality of life differences experienced by indigenous tribes and the push for sovereignty for First Nations tribes. You can watch one of the keynote presentations below courtesy of Global News

You can read more from Killian Hobbs on Think Liberty here.


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