Yes To Guns, No To Post, & Yikes For RCMP

Canadian News Roundup 21/11/2018


Today on the Canadian News Roundup I’ll cover some interesting stories from the Great White North. We have Scheer taking a stance on handguns, the continuing Canada Post strike, and the hot water gets hotter for the RCMP.

Yes To Guns

The Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer recently showed an uncommon amount of common sense regarding gun control measures. As reported by The Toronto Sun, Scheer wants to add harsher measures against people illegally selling and trading guns. He has thankfully come out in full force against the idea of banning handguns as had been suggested by many proponents of gun control. A senior official for the party stated: “A handgun ban may sound like a good idea, but it will only make criminals out of responsible gun owners while doing nothing to prevent criminals from getting guns.” You can watch more below

No To Post

The Canada Post strike continues as it enters its fifth week of rotating strikes. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the general holiday season ahead representatives from both sides are stating that if a deal isn’t reached soon many packages meant for the holidays may not arrive until 2019.

Prime Minister Trudeau stated that: “We are, of course, very preoccupied with the fact that Christmas is coming, important shopping days are coming and we need to see a resolution to that.” At present, he has stated that all options are on the table to resolve the strike but has made no hints of considering back-to-work legislation.

Yikes For RCMP

Back in 2016 the then commissioner for the RCMP, Bob Paulson, issued a public apology to their female officers and civilian members as part of two massive class action lawsuits for sexual misconduct within the organization. The lawsuit in question required the RCMP to financially compensate women who were sexually harassed during and since 1974.

It’s back in the news today as it has recently been reported by the CBC that the RCMP is requesting additional funds as they expected there to be about 1000 cases. Currently, there are 3131 settlements they’ll need to make, and more still being filed. Yikes.

You can read more from Killian Hobbs on Think Liberty here.


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