ISIS Bride Citizenship Revoked & Vatican Response To Abuse

The European News Roundup 22/02/2019

EU, Britain, France, Italy, Poland


Remainer MPs from Labour and Conservative break away to form Independent Group

Seven MPs from the Labour Party and three MPs from the Conservative Party have resigned to join what they call The Independent Group, a collection of Brexit rebels united by their discontent at the way the withdrawal is being handled. Labour leads the way on Monday, as Labour rebels broke away from the party, some citing rampant anti-semitism as their reasoning. On Wednesday, three MPs lead by ubiquitous second referendum campaigner Anna Soubry, resigned from the Tories, complaining of far-right entryism and poor leadership by Theresa May.

The Independent Group is said to be the foundations for a new centrist political party that favors strong ties with Europe and eschews what they see as extremist sects on both sides. The Labour side is apparently frustrated with leader Jeremy Corbyn, avowed socialist, for his lackluster response to anti-semitism claims within party membership. But we all know it’s really about Brexit. Corbyn is a milquetoast borderline Brexiteer, and the Chuka Umunna lead rebels are infuriated is not making progress on a potential second referendum on Brexit.

Allister Heath of the Telegraph laid out what might happen if the new political shifts resulted in representative political parties:

“We now need a pro and anti-Brexit party, for a start. Logically, we would end up with four groupings: a pro-capitalist, libertarian Eurosceptic party, an economically Left-wing but socially conservative Eurosceptic party, a pro-EU social democratic party and a neo-communist party.”

This Independent Group would represent the pro-EU social democratic side, along with the neo-Blairites and Middle-East War lovers.

ISIS girl who wants to come back to Britain has her citizenship revoked.

Shamima Begum, a teenager who left the UK for Syria to marry a member of the Islamic State, has had her British citizenship revoked after she requested to come back to the country for the birth of her child. Begum emigrated four years ago with two of her friends, but wanted to come back for her child’s safety. Home Secretary Sajid Javid acted legally as Begum had dual citizenship, but was unaware that days later, her native Bangladesh would also refuse her asylum.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated that it was a mistake and she should be allowed to come back to the country and given the help she needs. This view was branded as “extraordinary” by Tory backbencher David TC Davies, saying, “This woman has shown no remorse whatsoever for her actions.”


Roadblocks and fires in protests over Catalan separatist trial

Protests continue in the streets of Barcelona as the Spanish government trail the leaders of the Catalan separatist movement that resulted in a referendum on Catalonian independence last year. The Madrid trials, which have been labeled as political suppression, could land the leaders up to 25 years in prison. Roads have been blocked with burning tires in dissent.


Pope vows to tackle abuse problem

The Pope has spoken at a four-day summit at the Vatican City vowing to launch robust measures to tackle the latest sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic church. The church has been accused of covering up decades of abuse in the City itself, even more than was uncovered by the ‘Spotlight’ journalists in the early 00s.

You can read more from James Smith on Think Liberty here.


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