The Las Vegas Shooting: The more information we get, the less sense this makes.


Since my last article on the matter, things have changed quite a bit. Initially, the LVMPD was reporting the shooter fired 200 rounds into the hallway and wounded security guard Campos with a shot to the leg 6 minutes prior to opening fire on the Harvest Festival below.

Since then, the Mandalay Bay Casino released a report denying this timeline and asserting that the initial report on the Las Vegas Shooting timeline was correct. The reason being the time that was added to their log manually was done incorrectly, and that is what led to the “incorrect” report by the LVMPD. The LVMPD has now come around to affirming what’s been said by the Mandalay Bay Casino, and the timeline is again back to what it was before the update that the last article I’d written was based on.

LVMPD - Las Vegas Shooting

There are multiple different reports surfacing about Campos at this point. You have a lot of articles now being pushed around about Campos being arrested as the second shooter. None of these articles seem to be coming from reputable sources (whatever that means, these days,) and there are a lot of articles disproving these claims.

The larger news sites are reporting that Campos has disappeared just moments before a scheduled interview about his opinions on what transpired that evening. And now there are reports coming up that a witness who had apparently made a strong case that there were multiple shooters, has been mysteriously found dead.

I don’t feel comfortable forming any kind of opinion on the matter of the Las Vegas Shooting situation, surely not one that I would feel strongly enough about that I would share and publish, but one thing is for sure: The more information that is released about this situation, the more confusing the situation becomes. The police seem to be at odds with the casino, who is at odds with the reports coming from casino staff or eye-witnesses. People are being reported dead, and then missing, and others that offered alternative narratives to what is being espoused by big media have been oddly quiet, or are coming up dead.

Hopefully, in time we will learn more about the truth of this situation, but the words expressed by Assange in the last post on the matter become even more haunting as this circus of information continues to unwind before our eyes.

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