License and Registration, Please


You know the drill, the Bad Orange Man said something inflammatory on Twitter again:


Of course, the internet is all aflutter…and rightly so, I mean it’s high time the American people get good and pissed about licensing. How dare they charge us to exercise our freedoms! Grab the torches, motherfuckers, let’s go! I’ve been waiting for this day for yea….wait, what? Are they not pissed about licensing? Well, what are they pissed about?


Trump’s tweet came the same day as a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee markup on legislation reauthorizing the FCC, and Democrats used the brief meeting to hammer the president.

This threat alone could intimidate the press and lead to skewed and unfair reporting,” Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (N.J.), the top Commerce committee Democrat, said during the markup.

“I therefore call on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to immediately condemn this unwarranted attack. I also call on the chair to announce publicly that he will not follow through on his orders from the president. Chairman Pai should not act in any way to undermine free speech on our airwaves.” –


Oh. So, like, the FCC could revoke licensing and use government force to keep NBC from publishing things…but we don’t want them to do that at this time, please. Thanks, Chairman Pai!

Oh well. The revolution has been put on hold for the moment guys.

But, you know…just for fun, think about it: How many licenses do you have in your wallet right now? Do you ever think about what they actually are? They are quite literally permission slips from the state. The state has put a gun to your head and said “pay the fee or you can’t do this.” Driving licenses, fishing licenses, business licenses…they all represent a hurdle that you have to jump through before doing something you probably already knew how to do anyway. And you better not let them expire…you might get put in a cage and held for ransom! But thank goodness the swell boys in blue got that dangerous unlicensed criminal off the streets…what would we ever do without these miraculous inventions!

I tell you what we’d do: we’d have less barriers to entry for low income people to enter a trade. We’d have fewer people ticketed, arrested, and prosecuted for victimless crimes. We would cut down on lethal confrontations with armed thugs. We’d have a more competitive, thriving marketplace of goods and services where market forces determine success rather than the state picking winners and losers and revoking our freedoms, one license at a time.

You can read more by Josh Welborn on Think Liberty here.


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