His Majesty’s Media Presents: President Donald Trump’s Weekly Address – 7/14/17


Today the President reminded his fellow Americans that government healthcare is here to stay. In the time honored tradition of blaming the previous administration for the country’s problems, President Trump spent the first half of his address on the “Obamacare. Disaster.”

“Obamacare has wreaked havoc on American lives, and if we don’t replace it, the calamity will only get worse.”

Replace. Not repeal. Replace.

“I mean…get worse by a LOT.”

He went on to tell another story about a midwestern family that has been financially crushed under the weight of government controlled healthcare, which he calls a “Terrible. Terrible. Law.”

“The Democratic Politicians who passed Obamacare made many big promises. But they turned out to be LIES. Absolute. Total. Lies.”

He rightly explains some of the major flaws with Obamacare, the end result of which has been an exodus from the individual market by insurers, and fewer options for the consumer. He then presents an alternative.

“The Senate Healthcare Bill stops the Obamacare Disaster, expands choice, and drives down costs.”

He promises us that “the Republican Senators are working very hard to get something that’s going to be really. really. Good.”

“The OPPOSITE of the BIG LIE which was Obamacare.”

His new plan will reduce premiums and give more freedom to the states.

“We’ll be taking something away from the Federal Government.”

Tell me more!

“The bill doubles the amount that Americans can contribute to TAX-FREE Health Savings Accounts.”

Okay, I like where you’re going with this, Donald.
Medicaid is still available “for every single Elderly American, Disabled American, and American Child who is currently on the program.” But they will now have the option to pay for a private plan via Federal Assistance.

In short,

“It’ll be good for the Federal Government, it’ll cost you less money, by a LOT, and it’ll be a much better plan. You can’t do better than this.”

He didn’t talk about how the new bill replaces the Federal Employer Mandate and the tax penalty with a compulsory 30% surcharge on premiums is you go more than 63 days without insurance. In order to address the issue of pre-existing conditions, an additional 8 billion dollars will be used to subsidize rising costs for individual consumers.

We haven’t had a true free market healthcare system in this country since the 60’s. Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA are examples of government healthcare. The biggest thing that Obamacare achieved was reinforcing the notion that it is the role of Government to provide healthcare for its citizens as a right. The Government Healthcare Scheme is going to evolve, but it’s not going to get smaller or go away. We are moving ever closer to Socialized Medicine in the form of a Single Payer System administered by the State.

Do you want Communism? Because that’s how you get Communism.

You can read more by Jason Gillam on Think Liberty here.


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