Malaysia Goes Nationalistic, & Cotton On The Moon

South & East Asian News Roundup 17/01/2019


The news this week is quite spicy compared to other weeks as we’re looking at two things involving China and the passage of a nationalistic law in Malaysia. A Canadian national is in hot water as he was caught by Chinese authorities for supposed “drug smuggling” with which the sentence is death. In Malaysia, a new law was passed which prohibits the entry of Israeli nationals for any events hosted by Malaysia. On the moon, China has published photos taken by their probes sent to the moon showing evidence of plants growing inside the ship, a monumental accomplishment for space exploration.

Canadian National Caught In Politically Motivated Kangaroo Court In China

Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, a Canadian national has been sentenced in Chinese court to death for drug smuggling charges that Robert maintains his innocence. Robert has already served a 10-year sentence in dangerous jail cells that were described as “holding cells holding 20 to 25 Chinese men with barely minimal sanitary conditions.” These charges against Robert are among many other charges against Western nationals in what is suspiciously geopolitically motivated kangaroo court trials with burdens of proof substandard compared to their North American counterparts.

Malaysia Makes Nationalistic Move Against Israel

In Malaysia, the Prime Minister made a nationalistic move regarding how they will move forward with hosting international sporting events. Historically Malaysia has had little to no diplomatic relations with Israel until now with their Prime Minister imposing a ban on Israeli athletes from entering the country for events. The Prime Minister stated that the decision was made for “humanitarian reasons” and was about “fighting on behalf of the oppressed” which could imply Israel’s continuing tension surrounding the Palestinian state in Israel. This isn’t the first time Malaysia has had a ban on entry from certain nations as they have done so on half a dozen other occasions in the last couple of decades.

Cotton Grows On The Moon

China sent a series of probes to the moon over the last year to conduct experiments to gain insight on the composition of the moon, specifically on the dark side of the moon and the poles for water ice particulates. On the 3rd, China became the first country to ever land a probe on the far side of the moon with the Yutu 2 probe in the largest and oldest crater on the lunar surface. Another test the mission was to conduct was to study the growth of plants in a low gravity environment. The Chinese government showed a live feed from January 3rd to the 12th from the probe that showed cotton plants growing, a monumental accomplishment never done before on the moon. The plan is to bring back moon samples by the end of the year with a 2020 Mars mission that was announced as well by the Chinese Space Agency.


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