The Las Vegas Shooting: The timeline has just changed, this changes everything.


Tuesday there was a report released by the LVMPD that changes the details surrounding the situation in the Las Vegas shooting quite a bit. If you remember, there was a security guard that was shot at somewhere in this mess of details. The initial story from the security guard seemed to indicate (to most who were trying their best to keep up as the information was released) that this happened sometime during the time Paddock was opening fire on the crowd below.

Following the investigation by the LVMPD, it’s now being indicated that the security guard was shot a full six minutes before Paddock began firing onto the crowd. This may not seem like a lot of time or a big difference at first, but let’s consider the implications.

Mandalay Bay hotel windows - Las Vegas Shooting

When the police started arriving at the scene, it took some time for them to understand where the gunshots were coming from. You can hear as much when you listen to the police scanner audio from that evening.

It’s being reported that the security guard is lucky to be alive, that Paddock fired 200 rounds at him while he was checking on an unrelated report of an alarm going off, and the fact that he escaped with only a wound to the leg is a stroke of luck. Campos (the security guard) also states that he alerted the rest of hotel security immediately upon being injured.

This isn’t great for the Mandalay Bay. Vegas casinos are generally known for their high security measures. It’s curious enough that an individual could break out two heavy windows without anyone at all noticing. It’s even more strange now knowing that 200 rounds were fired inside the hotel a full six minutes before the shooting started, and the police still had zero idea where the shooter was when the tragic event began.

As if things aren’t odd enough, now we’ve got Julian Assange making an interestingly timed comment on Twitter. I know, While this may seem a bit “tin-foil-hat-ish,” it’s somewhat significant in that Assange isn’t exactly known for baseless claims on social media. His post, which was in reply to another tweet, it clearly wasn’t intended to be a featured post but has gained the attention of many regardless.

The videos from these press conferences will be interesting to watch as we continue to find more out about this situation. Most seem to have far more questions than probably answers, and this new information just adds a layer of complexity to what was already a strange situation.

You can read more from Vinny Marshall on Think Liberty here.


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