North Korea vows to “teach the United States a severe lesson” with its nuclear force

North Korean Tank

As reported this morning via AP Newswire, North Korea isn’t exactly ready to throw a party over the sanctions being placed upon them by the U.N. Foreign minister Ri Yong Ho was quoted as saying Washington alone is to blame for the entire situation, and that North Korea is prepared to teach the country a lesson with its nuclear force.

The U.N. wants them to abandon its nuclear programs, and North Korea is on record with a response: “We will under no circumstances put the nukes and ballistic rockets on the negotiating table.” This is one of two posts on AP Newswire this morning, speaking of the disdain North Korea has at the moment in response to sanctions, claiming they will gain revenge of “a thousand fold” against the United States.

Now Washington is in a stand-off, the United States and U.N. have demanded North Korea halt its nuclear program, and North Korea has gone on record as stating they will not budge an inch on the topic, and that they will retaliate completely in the face of opposition.

While I’m merely a content producer for a website, I can say with some confidence that this is exactly why I take issue with playing world police. We’ve now placed North Korea in a position to fight back or play the part of the dismissive push-over. I feel like all of this hubris is bad for everyone. We’re involved now in multiple conflicts across the globe, and we’re making enemies at a rapid rate, enemies that are pretty prepared to hit us back.

I’ve read speculation that this could be the build up to another World War, and I really wish it didn’t seem like that were the case.

You can read more from Vinny Marshall on Think Liberty here.


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